Teeth whitening at home remedies


Yellow spots on teeth are often caused by nicotine, cigarettes or excessive intake of coffee and tea. It can really be embarrassing if you smile and people might see that you have yellowish teeth. However, costs can be high if you are planning a whitening appointment with your dentist. However, there are many teeth whitening at home, which can help you brighten your teeth up to 7 whiter shades. These remedies are very affordable and effective.

One of the teeth whitening options at home uses hydrogen peroxide. Mix the hydrogen peroxide with baking soda, and you can also add some mint toothpaste to add a little flavor. Pour water over the mixture until it becomes a thick paste. Apply some of this paste to your teeth every day; you can do it after you brush your teeth in the morning. Keep the mixture on your teeth for about 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse. Practice this for 2 months, and you will finally see the big change it will have on the color of your teeth. You can try adding salt or toothpaste to the mixture from time to time. However, you do not want to use this whitening treatment at home if you have problems with gingivitis or gum.

Another excellent teeth whitening at home remedy is wood ash. Wood ash contains an element called potassium hydroxide that is known to whiten teeth. The tiny particles of wood ash can reach the innermost part of the teeth to clean it very well. You can also try to combine all the ingredients that are mentioned: hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and wood ash, and also include strawberries. Add a little water to make a paste, and apply it on your teeth with toothpaste every morning.

Since you use a teeth whitening product at home, you should never brush your teeth too hard because tiny particles from strawberries or baking soda can cause tooth enamel. If you think your gums or teeth are getting too pale, stop the procedure and see your dentist.


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