Ten Factors That Can Make Your Penis Smaller – Learn How To Prevent It From Happening to You!


Many factors can cause a man to have a small penis. Some factors can not be solved, while others can be prevented. Here is a list of some factors that can reduce the size of the penis:

1) Circumcision – Circumcision is an important cause of a smaller penis. The reason is that when the foreskin is removed from the penis, it usually causes scars. The tissues of the skin and penis that have healed will be less elastic and will "shrink" (and become smaller) when a scar is formed. According to some estimates, circumcised men would lose an average of 5% of their penis length. Curiously, companies and industries that benefit from circumcision state that there is no scarring or loss of penis length when a man's penis is circumcised.

Masturbation and other injuries can also make the penis smaller. Due to the sensitive nature of the penile tissues and the skin, these can be easily injured. I had a friend who walked on the tail of his dog in the middle of the night. The dog jumped on his penis and bit himself in it. After a trip to the hospital (no stitches), and once he cured, what was the result? His penis was shorter and the injured area caused scarring depression in this region of the penis

We have already talked about masturbation and must be kept in mind. Excessive masturbation, especially when a man is young and masturbates aggressively, can damage the skin and other penile tissues. If this happens, stop masturbating and let your penis heal 110%. This type of scarring can also reduce the size of your penis.

Burns, as one can imagine, can also reduce the size of your penis, and they are more common than most people think. The most common cause is usually that hot liquid is accidentally poured on the penis. So, guys, if you like to cook, do not do it in your boxer.

3) Low testosterone or growth hormone levels – Low levels of testosterone when the male is still in the fetal stage may result in a smaller penis. In fact, it is one of the causes of the micro-penis. When puberty occurs, the same effect can occur if testosterone levels are low.

4) Hormones – Exposure to bad hormones can also have a considerable impact on the size of a man's penis. Such hormones can hinder its growth (if the child is exposed) and can also make the penis smaller in an adult male, if it is exposed.

5) Smoking – Smoking destroys the fine capillary bulb networks of your body. especially in your distal extremities and your penis. If you smoke, it is wise to stop because it will affect the size of your penis and your ability to create and maintain an erection.

6) Genetics – Your DNA is the template for the size of your penis. If your genetic code requires a little smaller penis, it is your genes that may be causing it.

7) Fetal Exposure to Chemicals – Many pesticides, chemicals, pollutants and even a poor diet can hinder the size of the penis. Especially if the mother is exposed to such chemicals while she is wearing the male fetus. Infants exposed to certain chemicals can also affect the normal growth of the penis.

8) Radiation Exposure – Some scientists believe that exposure to excessive amounts of radiation in the penile region of the child or infant can hinder penile growth. In the adult male, excessive exposure to radiation can reduce the size of the penis and prevent it from functioning.

9) Penile Trauma – Penile fracture and valvular prolapse may be at the origin of a decrease in the size and function of the penis. ] 10) Angry woman or girlfriend – Most people heard the story of John and Lorena Bobbitt. To recap briefly, she cut her penis in half with a knife. He was surgically patched but his penis size was reduced to trauma.

So, men, take care of your penis to make sure you do not lose "inches". Of course, also take steps to make sure no one else does it for you.

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