Ten Great Ways to Advertise Offline


Intensive marketing and advertising is the need of the hour for non-established online businesses. Today, simply advertising and marketing an online business is not enough. Thinking out of the box is, certainly, the best method for fighting in the mega competitive world.

Aggressive online promotion is a good way to market your business. But promoting online, in one way or another, is what almost everyone does. To be noticed and make a mark, you must think differently, do different things and be different. To be ahead of your competitors, you will need to adopt an absolutely new method: advertise and market your business offline.

Offline advertising can do a lot to create a branding factor, in addition to substantially marketing a website. For one, you will have a much larger base to target. The more you introduce your website, the more visitors you will have. In addition, you generate traffic from sources different from those of your competitors. So, in all probability, you will have a huge target base at your fingertips, with almost no one to compete with.

There are many methods you can use; there is really no end to creativity, is not it ?! Use some of those mentioned here or create your own concepts to advertise your online presence in the offline world.

  • BANNERS AND SIGNS PLANS: Install banners in places where your target audience is used to. Maybe a super market that you visit regularly, or a gym that you frequent; a club, a sauna or a lounge. It can not get better if these are places you visit often too. A good friend here and there and you might not even have to pay a lot of green invoices!
  • SMALL ANNOUNCEMENTS AND YELLOW PAGES: Reserve your place in the yellow pages and classifieds. Come with a good copy for your ad because there will be a lot of others on the same page. The idea is to grab your audience's attention, and, at the same time, impress them with the little you have to say.
  • PRESS RELEASES: Once again, present a good press release that ideally covers your business, your products and your success. Mention the URL of your website and keep it as simple as possible. Be careful not to find trivial things because nobody will bother to read it.
  • EVENTS AND EXHIBITIONS OF SPONSORS: You have a stable business and the only thing you need is public awareness in this regard. A good way to do this would be to sponsor a couple of events or exhibitions that should attract crowds. As an associate sponsor or title, you are more than likely to attract people's attention.
  • ANSWERING MACHINE AND CALL WAITING: Include the address of your website in the message on your answering machine. And set the same thing on your pending line and call instead of a melody, a jingle or a boring message. When customers call, ask if they have access to the network and send them to your website for practical experience. As additional incentives, you can offer a free consultation and / or discounts on orders placed through your website.
  • DISCOUNT OFFERS, FREE STUFF AND OTHER PROPERTIES: Free coupons and discounts are a great way to engage your target audience. People may know about your business, but the prospect of getting some free goodies is sure to attract them to your website.
  • STATIONERY: Use the logo and URL of your website every time you send emails or letters. Have the printed business stationery. Apart from the professional appearance, this will also give your recipient the chance to check your website and find out more about your business. Needless to say, you must also have your logo and your URL on your business card.
  • PROMOTIONAL ITEMS: Buy items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, notebooks, attractive calendars, diaries, or even cute items like pens and pencils. Put your logo and website URL and send them to people you know: parents, friends, friends and even your customers. You can also send a box of goodies for festivals and other special events. Another good idea would be to print bookmarks with eye-catching or witty liners, tailored to your company's logo and URL. Have them distributed in bookstores, libraries, cafes and other similar places. People who frequent these places are sure to take note of this unique method.
  • CONDUCT FREE CLASSES / SEMINARS: Spend time and organize a seminar or a series of courses on topics related to your business and its overall operation. Be sure to select areas that your target audience may use. People who benefit from and benefit from these courses are more likely to talk to others about your business and your website. You can combine these courses or seminars with free demonstrations of your products and services.
  • PARTICIPATE IN LOCAL EVENTS: Attend and talk at local events in your town or village. People often recognize speakers as experts in their field. You will definitely have to convince anyone with regards to your business or website once they venerate you as an expert!


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