Ten Must-Haves fittings for every home


Every home, whatever the new one, needs small repairs from time to time. For new homeowners and beginner do-it-yourselfers, it's hard to know what tools are needed to get the job done. The hardware is so full of great options, navigating the driveways can feel overwhelming. Here are the ten essential tools each owner needs to be prepared for daily corrections.

1. Hammer

A smooth-faced hammer with a comfortable handle is ideal for a variety of uses, such as hanging photos and assembly furniture. A curved claw is handy for pulling the nails folded, while a straight claw works for occasional demolition.

2. Set of screwdrivers

Luminaires, cabinets, switch plates, door handles: houses are full of objects requiring screws. A mixed set of screwdrivers with a variety of flat head and Philips head sizes is an excellent investment and will be used over and over again. Magnetic heads are a useful feature, as are the comfortable non-slip rubber grips.

3. Duct Tape

Repair tools at home and at the end, adhesive tapes for ducts are a quick and easy solution for tears, tears, holes and leaks. Super sticky and thick, duct tape is great for patches, and the hardware now carries a variety of colors and designs. This is also a great temporary solution for plumbing problems. It stops leaks long enough for professional help to arrive.

4. Tape measure

Available in a variety of sizes, 16 will help you through most household projects. An easy to lock design, 3 / 4in wide is sturdy enough to stay in place without being too bulky. Look for one with a nice hook at the end for an easy grip.

5. Set of pliers

Tough enough to pinch and bend the metal, but flexible enough to hold the tiny objects stable, clip are needed to get a firm grasp on just about anything. Look for a set that includes long nosed, tongue and groove clips.

6. Adjustable long and short wrenches

Necessary for handling hexagonal nuts and bolts, both a long and short adjustable wrench will see you through many home repairs. For sticky nuts, use the longer handle wrench for more lever. When the space is tight, the shorter wrench is required. The adjustable feature ensures that they will fit around bolts of all sizes.

7. All purpose knife

This extremely versatile tool has a multitude of uses, including opening boxes, cutting through the carpet, scrape paint and wood shaving. Invest in a high quality model with a comfortable rubber grip. Storing blades is also a practical feature, and increases safety, as it makes the blade change fast and easy.

8. Level

A must-have to keep things straight and even, the hardware has a wide range when it comes to levels. There are high-tech laser levels, but for most household projects a good level of old bubble is accurate, easy to use, and gets the job done.

9. Wireless drill and drill kit

Electric drills make many household projects faster and easier. The wireless options are very convenient and do not guarantee hunt to wall outlets. A drill bit with a variety with metal, wood and universal options ensures that you have the right bit for all needs.

10. Stepladder

For people with vertical mobility, a step ladder is an invaluable tool.

All of these options (and much more) are available at the local hardware store. With these ten tools at your fingertips, basic repairs and projects will be a breeze!


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