Ten Simple Acne Detoxification Tips


As its name suggests, detoxification of acne helps eliminate acne-causing bacteria from the body. Although sebum is the main agent responsible for acne, there are other toxins and bacteria in the body that lead to acne.

However, with the elimination of these bacteria by the detoxification of acne, you get healthy, glowing skin and no acne. Here are some acne detox tips to use and implement for healthy skin.

For the detoxification of acne, you must drink plenty of water, at least 2 liters a day. If possible, drink even more water because the more water you drink, the more harmful bacteria you can remove from your system.

Instead of drinking plain tea, drink herbal tea for detoxification, specially blended for detoxification purposes.

Eat more organic fruits and vegetables because non-labeled organic fruits and vegetables contain pesticides. Ingesting this poison makes detoxification more difficult and only leads to more toxins in the body.

In fact, if possible, consume only fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables through the acne detoxification program. It gives the best detoxification results since these foods are healthy foods assimilated by the body.

Avoid eating meat or dairy products as they are heavy and can clog your system. This makes it difficult to detoxify your body.

To quickly and easily remove unwanted substances from the body, take an herbal laxative every night. It's better than experiencing the invisible side effects of laxatives.

The detoxification of the skin with the help of a natural cleanser helps prevent acne. Use a natural chemical-free cleanser like benzoyl peroxide because these products are only absorbed by the body and make it twice as stressful to detoxify the body.

Avoid putting on makeup during your fight against acne. The makeup will only block and clog the pores of the skin, and will also prevent your skin from breathing and healing.

To help you in your detoxification process against acne, take a daily supplement for detoxification. Look for supplements containing herbs such as dandelion, milk thistle and burdock root as they all contribute to detoxification.

Physical activity helps detoxification of acne by stimulating blood flow. The more exercise you do, the easier it is for oxygen to circulate in the cells to promote faster healing of the skin.

With the help of these acne detox tricks, your acne problem will be greatly reduced and will come under your control.


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