Texas Foundation Repair and Flexible Hoses


There is a lot of smoke and mirrors behind the watering of your foundation with oozing pipes. First, let's look at backgrounds related to the use of flexible hoses as a basic remedy.

It is well established that foundation failures and foundation repairs are widespread, particularly in the state of Texas. Many experts say that, in most cases, foundation failures result from an unregulated construction industry, unskilled labor, and builders cutting profits for higher profits or higher profits. pure ignorance. For all those who live in a house built by a home builder, this will not be a surprise.

In recent years, many Texas experts have thoroughly tested the growing problem of homebuilders who are reducing costs and that the foundation of the home is the prime example. Engineers also recognized that residential foundations are designed to lower standards to make them less expensive. This lack of quality control led to repair work on foundations without preparation.

Due to numerous complaints from landlords citing foundation failures, the American Society of Engineers (ASCE) sought comments and recommendations from Texas engineers. The consensus of these engineers who participated was to improve the foundations by designing more rigid slabs. The results were amazing. The recommended changes to the guidelines would increase foundation strength by 27% at an estimated cost of only $ 1,000 for a 1,500 square foot home.

However, the shameful response of the construction industry, to its detractors, is that homeowners have a responsibility to "lay the groundwork" to protect the structural integrity of their homes. As if watering a foundation replaced the sound engineering.

At a public hearing on building standards in Texas, a committee member described how builders were asking homeowners to put a hose around the perimeter of the house and never break it. it's stable. He then asked how much water was needed to maintain a foundation. The respected engineer responded; you can not maintain a foundation by watering because "you can never water enough".

The engineer went on to say that the cost of water, even over a relatively short period of time, would exceed the cost of $ 1,000 required to significantly strengthen the foundation during its initial construction.

So we have come to the good faith that the pretext for foundation failures caused by too much rain, lack of rain or trees is a fairy tale and that these so-called "acts of God" are really acts of man. to increase the profits of the builders. Remember that the Texas Home Builders Association has a very large lobby organization in Austin.

Texas has very expansive soils, as well as many other states. However, with the exception of Texas, no other owner has been ordered to "water their foundations". Other government officials and foundation experts scoff at hearing that homeowners in Texas are accused of repairing foundations because they have not properly watered their foundations. The solution to expansive soil problems is to properly design companies to resist the damaging effects of the expansive soil. This can be accomplished during construction and after construction is completed by trained professionals under the direction of independent foundation engineers.

In the meantime, if nothing is done, new buyers are threatened and the problem of foundations will continue to worsen as manufacturers' profits take precedence. If continuing in this direction will make the new home construction and foundation repair industries very profitable, the consumer will suffer.

One solution for existing homes, which have foundation problems, is to have foundation repairs done by qualified professionals. There are several methods of repairing foundations that will solve current problems and all have common points.

First, they settle deep beyond active soil layers. Whether it be helical anchors or steel thrust piles, depth is the first priority. Secondly, the correct repairs of the foundations use engineering systems to install. Bottles and single holds are not engineering systems, they are inexpensive techniques for temporary repairs. Finally, quality foundation repairs are performed by foundation repair professionals under the supervision of independent engineers. By using these guidelines, homeowners can rest assured that they have a well-designed foundation system that supports their home.

In summary, do not rely on smoke and mirrors. Consult a foundation engineer who will help you develop a plan to solve your unique foundation problem.


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