Thank You Note Examples For Employment Reference Letters


Do you need some examples of thank-you letters well written for a letter of recommendation? That's what you do if someone recently wrote, or will write one for you in the near future.

In fact, each person will need, at a given time, a mentor or a former mentor, an instructor or an employer, current or former. or supervisor.

These letters, if they are well written, require a painstaking effort. Certainly, the gracious soul who accepts to perform this task deserves sincere thanks.

Below are several examples of thanks you can use to show your appreciation for an excellent letter of recommendation. [19659002] Thank you for writing a letter of recommendation as complimentary to me. I could not have asked for more favorable comments. Your letter paved the way for several interviews and a subsequent job offer three weeks later after the _________________ Corporation, where I wanted to work first.

I appreciate the time you have invested in writing such a detailed letter. I know this will have a significant impact on my life in the years to come.


Although I have not yet found the right position, I am confident that your excellent letter of recommendation will help me to secure it. once I do. If ever I can return the favor, please do not hesitate to ask me.


I just wanted to let you know that I recently landed a position at ___________________ Corporation. I want to say how grateful I am for your help in this process. Without your strong recommendation, it would have been a lot harder to get in the door with such a big company. I hope you will join us for a small celebration dinner next Friday night.

Thank you again and see you next week.


It was very thoughtful of you to write a letter of recommendation for me. I appreciate the thought and the efforts you put in it. Your words have deeply marked the recruitment manager and have allowed me to distinguish myself from other candidates.

Thank you for playing such an important role in the success of my job search. If I can help you in the near future, please let me know.



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