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Seeing that I recently finished building our new home, I thought I would share some ideas on designing a new home. There are many new house plans available today and the sky limit on features and styles. The biggest problem with the design process is that once we have decided that we would like to build a new home, human nature comes into play and we want it to be done at night. The problem with this is that we do not usually spend enough time evaluating and considering the design aspects of the new home. The most important thing to remember is to spend more time in the beginning you will avoid having doubts once the house is over. The following list are ten important things to consider when choosing a new house plan.

1. Style – I think the style of the house is the best place to start. The style of the house will be tied to so many choices you make, so it's important to spend quality time thinking about the style in which you would like to live. Are your preferences more modern or traditional? Do you want a house that looks like your neighbors? Which style of house will have the best value in your neighborhood? Which style house will closely match your existing interior style and furniture? These are all questions you need to ask yourself and your family. It was a difficult question for me and my wife because we grew up on both sides of the country and our styles are very different.

2. Number of bedrooms – This question may seem simple and easy to answer, but it is worth thinking about and discussing. The easiest answer to this question would be based on the size and needs of your current family. You may need two bedrooms today and you will need four bedrooms when your family grows up. Or maybe you need four rooms today, but your kids will be in college in a few years.

3. Single level Vs. Multiple Levels – Whether your new home has only one level or more is really a personal decision. Some people really enjoy having a unique standard of living without stairs to get on and off. Some people prefer the more traditional cape and styles of colonial homes with rooms on the second floor. Some sites are quite small and someone looking for a decent area can only build a multilevel home. If you think you can retire and live in your home as you get older, the one-storey house may interest you.

4. Master Bedroom Suite – The new house plans of today usually offer a master suite. These suites often have generous storage space, large private baths with deep soaking tubs, jetted tubs, large Italian showers, and even walk-in closets. These suites generally increase the value of the home and make the home more marketable if you sell in the future.

5. Bonus Rooms (laundry, gambling) – One of the most popular trends in today's home plans are dedicated laundry rooms and the renovated popularity of the offices. In fact, in my new home, we made the locker room a combination of laundry and pantry. Some house plans offer laundry on the second floor of multi-leveal homes. A word of caution if you choose a laundry on the second floor. Make sure to make sure that some type of intensive drainage system will be installed in the unfortunate case, there is a broken hose washing machine.

6. Number of Bathrooms – The average number of bathrooms in new homes has increased steadily over the years. The average home in the United States has 2 1/2 baths and the average seems to be moving towards 3.

7. Kitchen Style – I could write an article on this subject, however, the main point here is that many home plans just have a basic kitchen layout. My suggestion is to find a house that you like and then modify the kitchen to your liking. Many home food stores will design a new free kitchen based on the floor plan, so do not let a simple kitchen layout discourage you from a house plan that you really like .

8. Floor Plans – When evaluating floor plans, try to visualize how you are going to furnish the house and how you plan to use different rooms in your daily life. Get a tape measure and measure pieces in your current home to get an idea of ​​the actual size of a 15 'x 15' piece. Often people have trouble viewing the size of a room and later, when the house is over, they are not happy with the size. I really suggest spending time on the assessment.

9. Functionality – The functionality of the new house plan is really one of the most important aspects for your long term comfort and home use. If you place the dining room on the other side of the living room and you have to carry the meals in the living room, you will quickly realize that it is not very functional. The same is true about the abundance of bathrooms in the rooms. Again, I think it's important to compare where you currently live to the house plan and think about your likes and dislikes.

10. House Site – The home site can sometimes play an important role in style, plan and functionality. For example, if you have a small small site, you may need two floors. Or maybe your land is really hilly and needs a car under garage. Just make sure that when you choose a few plans, you evaluate them according to the lot.

If you get something from this article, remember that, plan, plan, plan and plan more. The more you plan and evaluate your new house plans, the happier you will be when you live in your new home.


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