The Absolute Guide To Read Women Body Language – Don’t Approach Women Without Reading This


Normally, there is a special dynamic that operates in male-female relationships. While women tend to be passive and receptive, men are more active and active. A typical example in a club is: Girls expect to be approached, while boys are expected to approach girls. A girl can do two things to improve her success: she can have the best attire, dress up high heels, lift bras, etc., and she can also give inviting signs for that one. type s approach of her. A man will have a better chance of approaching a girl who fits him well, but he will also be less hot if he shows signs of interest and sees the go-ahead.

Female interaction, the female will signal with her body language and behavior that she is ready to continue, while the male will respond to her signs, calibrate and move forward accordingly. He will have to go through the steps and initiate, as he expects. Again, it is to direct. No matter how much you are a talker and no matter how attractive it is to you, you will always have to be the initiator. Some aggressive and horny women will do it for you, but that's the exception and not the rule.

There are two kinds of female signals: conscious and subconscious signals. A girl will give conscious signals when she wants you to make your move. The subconscious signals are more subtle and will be an automatic answer to his sense of well in your business. It is very important to learn these signs. I'm sure you've laughed as many times as I did at the typical Hollywood movie scene: the girl is attracted to a guy; the guy is attracted to the girl, but the guy does not recognize the signs of interest that she sends him, which leads to a lot of joke. Just by learning to recognize the signs that women send, you will improve your success exponentially. In a club or in typical everyday situations, there will always be some girls around you showing signs of interest and inviting you to approach them using body language. If you recognize these girls and make your move, you will probably be successful.

You will find that sometimes some signs can be misleading, and it is necessary to develop your intuition for such situations. For example, a waitress must smile to everyone for advice, and by accident she could mislead you into thinking that she is attracted to you. To avoid this, you will need to refine your intuition with experience and learn to "feel" if it is really attracted to you or not. A professional table tennis player does not see the ball. He feels it. His hands move automatically while he is in a trance. A lot of practice will help you "feel" the signs that women give, just as the table tennis player does with the ball.

So let's look at the most general conscious and subconscious signs that show that she is attracted to you:

1. She is relaxed while sitting or standing and talking with you. His arms are open and not closed; his legs are spread apart or crossed with his feet pointed towards you.

2. She is comfortable in your business. When you lean closer to her, she stays in the same position and does not move away from it.

3. She leans closer while talking with you or getting closer when you are sitting next to each other.

4. She smiles a lot, even laughing at your most infamous jokes, or compliments you on something banal.

5. It touches you sometimes on the arms or the shoulders when you speak with you.

6. She repairs her clothes, applies more make-up in the restroom or exposes parts of her body, revealing the skin and showing erotic body parts.

7. She rubs her wrists up and down and rubs, touches or caresses her cheek.

8. She plays with her hair, pushes her fingers or twirls a few loops in a slow and sensual movement.

9. She looks deep in your eyes, smiling, her pupils dilated. She blinks faster than usual or keeps looking in the eyes, like your dog when you are about to feed him.

10. When you touch her or hold her in the arms, she is comfortable with her; she could even snuggle against you.

11. When you extend her hand, she takes it and holds it as if you were already a couple.

12. She bites her lips and licks them, showing her tongue, or she moistens her lips with lipstick. She puts a finger or a nail in her mouth or above in a sexual way – these are signs of sexual thoughts, and they are usually signs of excitement.

13. She rubs her legs together and presses them on the legs of the table or on your legs under the table – another sign of sexual arousal.

14. She plays with her glass of wine, her jewels or another object with a movement of friction, caress, sensual.

The way she sits or stands reflects your body language; it reflects you …

Of course, she can not do everything at the same time. But, if you meet more than two or three of them (especially the more serious ones), she is likely to be strongly attracted to you and want you. A word of warning: Just as there are shy guys, there are also shy girls. They may have more trouble showing signs of interest and flirting with you. They could also try to hide these signs. You will recognize them from their maiden confusion.

And now let us see a negative body language, showing disinterest and less attraction for you:

1. She breaks eye contact and looks away when you try to look into her eyes.

2. She grimaces, showing that she is simply bored. She never smiles.

3. When you ask a question, she responds after a pause: "What did you say?" and it is obvious that she is thinking of something else or is somewhere mentally.

4. There are long and awkward silences in your conversation, and it shows no interest in breaking the silence or addressing new topics.

5. His legs and arms are crossed; she sits at a distance, or she turns away from you. She leans back, and when you lean closer, she moves away or acts as if she is uncomfortable.

6. She does not react to your jokes and does not laugh with you; she can express a polite surprise.

And the list goes on. Although perseverance is a good character and sometimes persistent, you can recover from the most hopeless situations, the negative signs described above show that you have done something wrong, and it might be time to move on. Never be disappointed the success will come with determination and time.


Source by Johan M Krost

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