The Basics of Acne Causes and Tried & True Remedies


Basic Causes of Acne and Simple Solutions

Stress: Stress plays an important role in the service of acne. However, I do not know anyone who can control his stressful environment. This is how most people perceive this aspect of acne: "How can I be able to control my stress of life?" Most people look on the wrong side of the equation. Instead of looking at the causes (which are out of your reach), start looking for ways to alleviate a stressful and persistent state of mind. I've fought myself against acne myself. The number one stress reliever for me is exercise. Not only does this relieve stress, but perspiration releases your pores from the toxins that are trapped, which causes acne. Any physical activity involving perspiration is good for your skin. Make sure you remove toxins from your skin after the activity! Whatever your anti-stress treatment, make it a valuable part of your life.

Oil : The oil is produced naturally by the glands located on the surface of the skin. Some produce more oils than others … It's like that. Most people go out of their way to continue skinning their face oil … What a mistake. The more you strip your skin of natural oils, the more your body wants to produce it to replace what it's already manufactured. Simple cleanings will suffice, and you will be able to remove the oil between cleanings. During cleaning is a NO-NO.

Clogged pores: Dirt and oils will be trapped in your pores, mostly by dead skin cells. This mixture of dirt and oil will continue to infect and ignite … A pimple is born. You must take this with a grain of salt. I believe it is one of the most important steps for a face without acne. Exfoliate! Weather, it is a slightly abrasive cleaning formula (exfoliating beads) or a cleanser containing small amounts of salicylic acid. You must exfoliate. And once you have exfoliated, treat your skin with a mild tonic.

Diet: As much as you do not want to hear, the diet plays an important role. I do not need to tell you that throwing Big Macs into your throat 4 times a week is bad for you or that the soda does not contain too much soda. Many people do not want to hear this fact because it is a life changing too radical. I am here to tell you that your body is a well-tuned machine and that everything you put in it is obvious by its performance. Enough said.

There are many factors contributing to acne and many types of skin. A quick product or solution will not work for everyone. Once you educate yourself, you can immerse yourself in solving your skin problems. This may seem overwhelming at the moment, but all these measures can be implemented in less than an hour.


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