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Makeup has the power to create a look for a unique individual. The face is a canvas of opportunity for color, expression and definition. What makes this possible is a flawless foundation, and the right tools to make the application almost too simple. When applied correctly, the bottom of the foundation is ready for the color trip. The face is the first impression.

When it comes to foundation, it has certain limitations. It has coverage levels that may or may not do the job of providing a perfect canvas for color. The matte products and cream powder offer their own benefits, but can offer what may be necessary to cover dark circles, spider veins and dilated pores. A concealer under the base is a product designed to even out the complexion and mask such defects. The concealer can cover these areas and not overshadow the basic product. It is fully designed to help create a finished look for color.

Benefit Cosmetics offers two concealer products that are the best. The first, Erase Paste, is a product used to conceal dark circles, small spots and even lips and lips. The trick in applying this product is the spatula that comes to the inside and smooth and mix with a small damp sponge. Even at a pinch, this product can be applied with the ring finger, it works as well. The other product is powder powder, a lightening concealing powder that can be applied on the area under the eyes as well as on the lines. It can be worn alone or under the foundation for a flawless look. Benefit offers these in certain stores as well as online.

The corrector brings out the best of the foundation. And the beautiful you begin to emerge. The face is the first impression. Finding the right corrector that works with your complexion can be a process of trial and error, but once you have found the one that works for you, it will really highlight your face.


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