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The Christmas season is traditionally a time of goodwill and festivities coupled with the exchange of Christmas cards (a billion in the UK) ranging from handcrafted boxes and cards to photos of you and your family,

The first traditional Christmas card was painted by John Calcott Horsley in 1843 and sent by a wealthy British businessman called Sir Henry Cole. Sir Henry Cole wanted a card that he could proudly send to his friends and professional acquaintances to wish him Merry Christmas .

There are many traditional Christmas cards that you can buy at most stores. So, instead of sending a traditional card, here are some alternative ideas

To help you decide, it's important to understand your motivation.

• Send greetings to lost friends where you stay in touch once a year

• Or maybe you send them to your co-workers whom you see every day!

For coworkers

You see these people every day! A standard Christmas card can be considered boring and a waste of money. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Put a big box of candies / chocolates / cookies / cheese and crackers on a table, with a notice saying Craig (insert your name here) wish you all a Merry Christmas – help yourself . Bake homemade cookies or shortbread cookies and write the names of your coworkers on the cookie with icing so that they can enjoy it as a little treat.

3. Put a large poster on the wall and write / draw messages to each other. You can then have a charity box below and ask your colleagues to put the amount of money in the box that they would have spent on the cards.

Long lost friends and relatives

We all know how this message goes. Dear so-and-so, wow, time has passed. It only seems like yesterday that I was writing the Christmas card last year telling you how little Jonny grew up … Here are three ideas for friends and relatives once l & # 39; year.

1. Take a fun picture of you and your family and send an email or post. There are some great Christmas photo ideas that will make your long lost friends laugh. They will also see how the family grows!

2. Go retro! Look for an old funny picture of you and your lost friends or relatives for a long time. Scan it and send it as an electronic Christmas card. A bit of nostalgia can go a long way during the holidays and bring back good memories. It also shows that you really think about your friend / relative during the holiday season.

3. Something of children. How about sending a handprinted or imprinted Christmas card as a special keepsake with a photo attached. This could be a beautiful Christmas theme over the years and your friend or family member can see how the kids grow up with a beautiful handwritten personal message from the other side.

Friends, Family and Colleagues

For any of your friends with an email address, a thoughtful way to wish a happy Christmas to your friends would be to send them an e-card.

Schools are out for Christmas!

Do your children have to send all the other children to their class? their teacher a Christmas greeting (that is, nearly 1000 cards)? Here is a good idea:

Have a theme save the planet and plant a tree on behalf of the class of the school. Make a big card of reusable house clothes (like cardboard, magazines, etc) with the message, For the class of 2J, I wish you all a merry Christmas! Instead of sending you all the cards, I saved some paper and planted a tree!




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