The best and easiest way to repair a blown speaker


Stereo speakers are designed to last. Whenever you turn them on, they are subject to abuse and even more pain depending on the type of music you are listening to. For example, music with heavy bass shakes everything in your home. Imagine what happens in the cone of the speakers.

Even the best quality stereo speakers are likely to crack all of these abuses in time. When this happens, you might have the chance to save yourself money by repairing these broken speakers instead of buying new ones.

It all begins with finding the problem that causes the problems of sound. It may be from a damaged enclosure or maybe blown from an electric or thermal fuse. Problems with voice coil are a common problem, sometimes the crossover network is faulty and even problems as easy as a solder connection can be causing your problems. Whatever your speaker problem may be, this can be corrected. Here is a breakdown of how you can repair a loudspeaker that is off.

  • The first thing you need to do is determine which speaker is causing you problems. You can easily do this by playing with the stereo equalizer. Modify the balance and fader to isolate the loudspeaker causing the sound to distort or there is no sound. Make sure you do not blow up the volume or blow a good speaker.
  • Once you have understood which speaker is the bad one, you must now separate it. Try to do this step carefully as you do not want to cause any other damage to a part that works well. Remove the front of the speaker and gently release the seams of the speaker fabric without tearing it.
  • Now that the cone of the speaker is visible, you can start to repair it. Do you have carpet or glue at your fingertips because this is what you will mostly use if the speaker cone is punctured or torn. You will want to make sure that the hole or tear is completely covered before proceeding to the next step.
  • Test the voice coil to see if it is damaged in any way if it has melted at some point for example. Even though there are even the thinnest holes in the coil, no sound will come out of the speaker or it will sound extremely distorted, depending on the size. If you see that the voice coil is indeed melted, simply replace the loudspeaker completely.
  • If you need spare parts, now is the time to order them. They can be found directly from the manufacturer, but they can be expensive or from specialty stereo stores. One often overlooked fact is to know the part number or the numbers of the parts you are looking for. They are normally located inside the enclosure or at the back of the cone. Doing this will make your life a lot easier.
  • Now that you have all the parts you need to properly repair the speaker, look at how the damaged part is attached to the speaker. Once you delete the broken part, you will have to install the new one in the same way.
  • Now that you are all completed by handing the speaker together, just test to see if all your hard work has paid off. Hang it on the stereo and test it at low volume by slowly turning the volume to see if it can handle it. If the speaker still does not work and you feel like doing it all correctly, take it to a professional and let it repair from there.


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