The best tips for taking care of your double glazed windows


Quality, professionally installed double glazing can look stunning in your home. Weather, traffic fumes, general wet wear can sometimes discolour double-glazed windows and ruin the overall style of your home. If you have invested in new windows, there are simple and fast ways to keep them in perfect condition, so that they are as beautiful as when they were first installed.

Taking Care of Your Double Glazing

Simply by cleaning your double-glazed windows, you can extend their life and save replacement windows.

1) Take out the vacuum

By regularly vacuuming the frames, openings, sieves and seals, you can avoid the accumulation of dirt and fading or l & rsquo; Windows damage. Vacuuming regularly can save you time as you will need to use soap and water less often to clean your windows.

2) Reduce humidity

Condensation can form on any window, whether it is traditional windows or newly installed windows. Condensation can result in the accumulation of wet spots on windows and the formation of black speckled mold that may seem unsightly. If you have traditional wooden window frames, these damp spots can even cause wood rot. Ensuring that you have a well-ventilated room can reduce the accumulation of condensation.

3) Be a traditional cleaner

To shine your double-glazed windows, it's good to use an old sock to embellish a window with a mixture of vinegar and water. This traditional cleaning solution is super cheap and will make your windows shine.

What Not to Do

1) Avoid High Pressure Jets

Although high pressure water jets produce miracles on patios and driveways, they are not tempted to steer the jet towards double glazing. This may seem like an easy option to clean the windows, but the intense pressure can weaken the window sealant and even crack the glass.

2) Do not look for a miracle solution

Double glazed windows are made of glass, so they are fragile enough for accidents to happen. A bullet through your window or an accident at home can lead to a double glazing pane requiring replacement. It might be tempting to go there yourself to save money – especially if it's a small, easily accessible flap. Fixing a new window may cost you more in the long run, as if the air currents could not penetrate properly or if the sealant weakened and the glass fell. Some energy-efficient double glazings contain argon gas to help insulate and these panes must be expertly adjusted to make all your windows as energy-efficient as possible.

3) No alteration

Any tampering with your double-glazed windows can potentially compromise their functionality. Hanging decorations, improper paint usage, nailing curtains or the addition of inadequate locks can all affect your windows. efficiency and safety. If you want to change your windows or frame in any way, take the time to check with the professionals to get the right advice to avoid an expensive mistake.

Taking care of your windows and taking care of them properly, they will look great all year long and will last much longer.


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