The classic design for your home – an oak coffee table


The coffee table you have in your home probably needs to withstand a number of strokes and scratches, so if you want a sturdy table, you'd do a lot worse than opting for a coffee table in oak. This strong hardwood has been used to make furniture for centuries and because of the number of oak antiques around you know it is a hard wearing material. In fact, when people are looking for antiques, they often look for oak because it is a very desirable material.

The nice thing about getting an oak table, or one made from other woods is the fact that wood is an individual each time. Opting for a hardwood means not only that you will have something very hard, but also that you will have the unique grain for every piece of wood used. That means the table you may have the same design as the others, but the grain will be slightly different and this makes you a furniture one. In fact, when you are looking to buy wooden furniture, you need to make sure that you like the grain that it has and you will feel that it will fit with the other furniture in your room. Try to get your wood furniture from a place you know uses a sustainable wood source; You can usually find this by asking or seeing that they display some sustainable forest identifiers.


Source by Sheila Lightfoot

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