The Complete Guide to Acne Care


Acne is an inflammatory skin disease caused by fouling hair follicles with oil and dead cells, often resulting in an invasion of bacteria.

severe forms such as scars and cystic nodules

Thus, it is strongly recommended to detect and treat acne quickly in order to stop progression. They look like multiple pimples like bumps or painful red bumps on the face or anywhere in the body, such as the neck, back and shoulders.

This can be very painful for aesthetic reasons in teenagers and some adults, especially when acne appears on the face. .


The main causes are:

• Excessive production of sebum (skin oil).

• Excess of androgens.

• Invasive bacteria of the skin.

• Clogging hair follicles with sebum


• Wash affected areas twice daily and gently

• Avoid rubbing affected areas when you take your bath.

• Avoid using oily creams.

• Avoid gravel-based cleaners

• Reduce the consumption of chocolates and skim milk

• Do not press or squeeze your hands to catch acne so you do not have to worry about it. avoid scar formation.

• Do not use astringents that may • Avoid long-term use of corticosteroids

. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day to keep the skin hydrated and toxin free.

Regular exercises help keep skin pores open due to perspiration and reduce the risk of acne


Most Acne cases usually respond to topical treatment, although a combination of oral and topical treatment is more effective. For treatment to be effective, use a product that respects these principles of treatment:

• Inhibition of sebum production

• Limitation of growth of bacteria

• Promotion of excretion cells to clear the pores of the skin.



• Herbal supplements are more tolerable because they are n & # 39; 39 have no side effects unlike orthodox creams against acne.

• Choose a product containing a cream and capsule supplement to attack acne inside and out.

• Choose a product that eliminates all forms of blackheads / whites

• Choose a product containing rich antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E. and aloe vera to protect your skin from invasion by bacteria.

NB- Avoid buying on-the-spot acne creams because of the risk of allergic reactions and serious irritation.

Finally, adhere By following the above guidelines regarding the treatment of acne and choosing the right product, you will significantly avoid the recurrence of acne and rashes.


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