The features of the multifunction color printer Kyocera TASkalfa 250ci


In the business environment, a functional and flexible printer is necessary for the smooth running of the office. The multifunction color printer Kyocera TASkalfa 250ci is one of the most efficient printers.

This printer can print in color or black and white, making it the perfect printer for any office. Color printing can be a major feature depending on the field in which you work. Sometimes legal documents are also printed in color to show authenticity.

This printer has a high print speed of twenty-five pages per minute in black and white and color. This allows everyone in the office to receive their impressions at the right time and eliminates the possibility of paper jams. Printing your document is also a thing of the past.

The double sided printing is also an important feature that makes this printer worth it. Printing your documents on both sides of the page saves paper and also reduces paper costs for the office.

The color touch screen facilitates the selection. All options have been installed on this touch screen so you can see the settings on the screen as you would on a smartphone. Many people use smart phones and their touch screen capability. Therefore, they would find it easier to use a printer if this hardware has been installed.

The Kyocera TASkalfa 250ci multifunction color printer uses Kyocera toner and color technology. This toner and ink is compatible with most of the brand's printers and has been improved due to the novelty of the technology. The Kyocera TASkalfa 250ci multifunction color printer produces less ink than with an ordinary printer, but it saves ink at the same time.

The driver contains a large storage space advantageous for most offices with a printer per floor. The maximum amount that the hard drive (HDD) of this printer is 80 gigabytes.

Different cassettes on the machine have space for different sizes of paper. The largest size is A3 and it addresses to different types of businesses that need to print quickly.

The Kyocera TASkalfa 250ci Multifunction Color Printer is also beautifully designed for a professional office appearance. Appearances are everything if your business always has customers in and out of the office. The sleek design fits in any corner or space to be unobtrusive in a busy office space.

Although being a laser printer, the Kyocera TASkalfa 250ci multifunction color printer is the ideal machine as it allows the office to save money. to be efficient. This printer and copier has the necessary functions in the business environment for the working processes to work effectively.


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