The Female Orgasm and Teasing


Generally, when men look for ways to please their lover and give him incredible incredible orgasms, they go straight to new sexual positions and techniques. The truth is that the female mind controls a woman 's orgasm much more than her body will ever do.

There is a woman who has never experienced orgasm in her life. It has nothing to do with their body or the way they are connected. It's just that their mind is stuck for some reason.

It could be something serious like past sexual trauma, or maybe it just gave up after having bad lovers in the past. The fact is that his mind is what prevents him from having an orgasm. And if his mind can completely stop his orgasm … do not you think that his mind can also increase the pleasure of a sexual experience.

If you learn to activate the mind of a woman, you will be different from most men. She might not even know exactly why you're so good in bed … but she'll probably know it and probably tell you … and her friends too.

Unfortunately, nowadays, adult women are still dissatisfied in bed. Most men never take the time to learn to really satisfy a woman and give her the pleasure that she deserves in the bedroom. If you take the time to do this, you will find that your relationships with women improve remarkably.

So, how do you do love in the mind of a woman? A good start is teasing. Most men see a naked woman and go straight to the "good thing", they instantly forget the rest of her body and focus on the same places.

What they do not realize, is that these places need to warm up. The female body is very different from the male body. For women, sex is all about the trip while most men think it's all about the destination. Of course, the destination is important, but not as important as getting there with style.

So instead you want to take it slowly and make love to your whole body. Spend time kissing and caressing each part of your body before rushing into things. She will taste the extra attention that she has never had before.

You also want her to guess what will happen next. Most men seem to get used to a routine and take the steps as it was a puzzle that he has done a million times. You want to tease her as much as possible.

You can do it by simply taking two steps forward and one step back. In this way you increase the tension and it will almost require you to go further.

Try tonight and you will see the awesome power of the female sexual mind. And once you have seen the results, you will never come back to the old.


Source by Tyler Privado

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