The Four Stages of the Female Orgasm


Doctors and scientists have been studying female orgasm for hundreds of years. While this complicated feeling has been unraveled in technical terms and in data, there are still many aspects that are elusive and mysterious. In a nutshell, female orgasm, also called sexual orgasm, occurs when a woman reaches an orgasmic peak of sexual arousal. There are actually four stages to the female's sexual response cycle and includes stimulation / excitement, a plateau, and finally orgasm and euphoria / resolution.

The first two stages prepare the body for female orgasm. During the first stage, the onset of sexual activity or foreplay tells the vagina to begin to lubricate while the blood rushes to the genitals and breasts. During the second stage, the vagina continues to moisten and will also swell. In this phase of the female sexual response cycle, the clitoris will become very sensitive and retract into the hood. In addition, muscle tension increases and spasms can occur in the feet, sometimes also in the hands and face.

The third stage of the female orgasm response cycle is meant when one's body is overwhelmed by a powerful feeling of complete pleasure. This feeling is followed by involuntary muscle contractions in the pelvic area. All these muscles surround the sexual organs and cause an orgasm. But that's not all. When a woman has an orgasm, there are muscle spasms in other parts of her body, there may be sounds or an explosion of words, and finally it ends with a euphoric state of mind and soothing. Of all four stages of the female orgasm response cycle, it is the shortest, lasting only about three seconds.

Although most people think that the response cycle of female orgasm stops there, this is not the case. The fourth and final stage of this cycle is when the woman's body is in a soothing and euphoric state. It is at this point that the nipples and clitoris become soft, that any swelling returns to normal, that breathing slows down to normal rhythms and that the heart rate also slows down to a normal rhythm . In some cases, this is not the end! One of the wonderful things about women is that some of them can have multiple orgasms. In this case, the woman goes from step 4 to step 2, and then again to steps 3 and 4.


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