The glass block revolution that extends to the design of the house


The glass blocks have come a long way, even rivaling ordinary bricks with regard to the interior and exterior design of the pieces. We live in a time when visual appearances are very important and more people insist on having something out of the ordinary when it comes to their immediate environment. For many, they can simply accent the room with special flowers, paintings and more. Others prefer something more permanent, like glass blocks.

The glass blocks come in many patterns, shapes, colors and even textures, although they are all made of glass. Here are some types of glass blocks:

Standard Series


Glass floor

Colors and Finishes

Standard Series

-wave satin

– Final message

-90% curved corner wave

-Imported from Germany

-Made in the United States

Decorative (organic water, craft, geometric, lined and ribbed)




– Ball






We now see how many types of glass blocks exist. Their variety is impressive and this addresses any type of design and preference. It would be difficult to find a glass block that they consider ideal for their own personalized environment.

If you want to get glass blocks installed, the first place to look is home improvement stores. Stores such as Home Depot sell and install almost all types of glass blocks mentioned above. Most people are not experts in this field and that is why Home Depot maintains a qualified staff who, for a fee, can help you choose the ideal glass blocks to your liking and assist you in the future. 39; installation.

Benefits One of them is resilience. The glass blocks are very strong because they are designed in industrial glass that has been treated to temper it and make it able to withstand high pressure. This makes it ideal for construction and in some neighborhoods it is actually known as glass brick.

The glass blocks are so beautiful. In some European cities, they are used to build entire buildings, giving the building a very exotic and at the same time futuristic appearance, especially when light bulbs are installed inside. The glass blocks allow light without compromising security and that is why they have become a favorite when it comes to office building.

In the area of ​​energy conservation and conservation, glass blocks have also become favorites. This is because in a glass block environment, there is little need for artificial lighting especially during the daytime because natural light is allowed in the room. This means that over time, the office begins to realize energy savings in the form of lower energy costs. These savings are difficult to achieve when all bulbs are lit 24 hours a day, as is the case with natural brick office buildings.

The best way to install glass blocks is to contact a handyman. In many cases, they will send you to a home improvement store to choose and purchase the glass block models of your choice.


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