The good purchase of vintage and patterned tiles


Wondering what tile to install in the new home or extension, the fashionable vintage, and the patterned ceramic would make good business. Style and texture say a lot! The interior design prefers patchwork designs and the walls and floors could be decorated according to your wishes with the mix and matchboxes. A personalized look and feel that is gloriously striking would be the result of deep artistic approaches. Traditional tiles are also available and many choices would appeal to the imagination. Look at some varieties

Porcelain and ceramic options

Both are similar to be made from clay and other natural materials. Porcelain has more refined clay that is denser and stronger than ceramics. The colors are deep throughout and are therefore suitable for high traffic areas. In kitchens and bathrooms, they succeed without absorbing much water compared to ceramics. Arabesque and Gatsby would be suitable for bathrooms.

Ceramics are composed of red or white clay compositions and the enamel carries the colors and patterns. They are suitable for walls and floors with moderate traffic since they are not so durable. They look good anywhere and Devon Stone decorates corridors and halls very well.

The Vintage and Patterned tile range is suitable for both walls and floors. They can be installed in the hall or living rooms, and in kitchens and bathrooms. After sealing, they can also be used in damp rooms. LTP Mattstone is recommended as the best sealant.

Victorian Collection

Avant-garde or avant-garde designs, find all the styles of tile design here. Victorian collection reproduces the art of age that would suit a traditional layout. Traditional hand-painted North African designs such as the Moroccan collection are also available.

For those who love the intensely modern, opt for Ted Baker's stylish design collection or Windmill Geometric windmill. Sloane Square or Tile Illusion has optical adventures for those who think out of the ordinary.

The matte or shiny effect?

The majority of vintage tiles have a matte surface that looks antique. The pretty and traditional Parisian chic is done in both finishes. Glossy is made of some tile patterns.

Monochrome or Color is it preferred?

Simple monochromes are as striking as Bertie or complex models like Manoir. The trendy patchwork could be very colorful. The kasbah is good, but Comillas is more colorful.

Porcelain tiles are smaller like Arabesque at 20x20cm and Ted Baker Geo Tile Deco at 15cmx15cm, suitable for walls and floors. Ceramics like the Metropolis collection can be 45cmX45cm. Find the right size.

Specialty tiles

15x15cm souk ceramics, 17.5x20cm hexagonal porcelain and 22x25cm baroque porcelain are different. Marrakech Mosaic is a beautiful glass tile.

Indoor or outdoor installations?

Use vintage tiles indoors, in wet areas with sealing. Oriental patchwork is very strong and can be used outdoors in patios and along trails.

Knowing the important aspects of vintage tiles, choose the heart's desire from the family among many cool choices.


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