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Google Sandbox is a metaphorical term that explains why most new websites have very poor rankings in the Google Search Engine Results (SERPS) pages. Very few people know for sure if the "sandbox" really exists, but it seems to be a filter added to Google's algorithms around March 2004.

What is the function of Google Sandbox?

The generally accepted principle behind Google Sandbox is that it allows Google to filter out "Flash-in-the-Pan" websites from those that offer good quality and up-to-date content. It is in Google's best interest to ensure that the results it displays for its users within the SERPS lead to relevant, up-to-date and useful websites. Relevance is the key to search engine success. the relevance of its research results. Filtering new websites and monitoring them can allow them to provide more accurate results in the actual SERPS.

Identification of the sandbox?

How do you know if your website is in the sandbox? Most new sites under newly registered domains will be relegated to the sandbox once Google knows the site. Google will find the site by following an inbound link (IBL) from another site that Googlebot explores. You will then see the website in the normal Google SERPS if you search the actual domain name, but the website is unlikely to be listed for any of its keywords. Google will not show any signs of other sites related to your website, nor will it display pages linked to your site. In addition, Google will not indicate any page other than your homepage (index).

If you follow the visitor statistics of your website in Google Sandbox, you will see that Googlebot crawls quite regularly and this happens crawl, and therefore catalog, all your pages. Google knows that your pages exist and knows what they contain, but does not list them in the main SERPS. In other words, because your website is new, it is being tested in the "sandbox".

How long will my website stay in Google Sandbox?

It's hard to say how long a website will stay in Google's sandbox because it seems to depend on the types of keywords that it will be filling in the actual SERPS It can be up to # 39 to 6-8 months and the only way to get out of the sandbox is to wait.

Google Sandbox is not bad news. If your site contains relevant material of good quality, it will find its place in the sandbox and will get the ranking it deserves in the Google SERPS. I even have a few theories that can mean that your time in the sandbox can be used wisely to actually improve your final rankings.

You should not forget that Google is not the only search engine available. MSN is widely used and with the power of Microsoft, it is likely to become a bigger player in the world of search engines in the future. At the time of writing, MSN or other search engines such as Yahoo! and Alta Vista does not have a "sandbox" filter and your new websites will be displayed quickly and should drive traffic to your site.


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