The History of Auto Repair – Why We Need Qualified Technicians in the Collision Repair Industry


Vehicle History

  • They do not manufacture them as before.

The first cars

  • The first motor cars were only a buggy and an engine (usually repaired by blacksmiths and carpenters). cars were very expensive, which only the rich could afford).
  • The Model T was the first mass production on an assembly line in 1908 (Ford's vision was to produce an affordable car that the average could buy)
  • in black only to reduce costs. (The price went down when the assembly line was streamlined, but in 1908, the cost of a T model was $ 825. In 1913, the cost of the car was reduced to $ 550)

the same basic way through the 60s

  • Body Over Frame
  • Rear drive (same concept, but cars were very big, bulky and heavy)

Except that people in the 60s wanted SPEED! They realized that with Big Block Motors, which generated a lot of power. (The birth of Hotrods, rat's Fink, flames and stripes).

Cars in the 1970s

  • The Government Imposed Strict Laws on Fuel Consumption and Emissions Control
  • Laws and customer demands caused the explosion of ideas and changes in automotive industry

Modifications to meet requirements and laws

  • Small Cars and Small Engines
  • Aerodynamics (Increased Fuel Consumption)
  • Using Different Materials and Designs
  • More hardened areas created during panel formation (body lines)
  • Safety

Interstate Road Construction + Higher Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčLimits + Higher Performance Cars = Accidents and More

Accident Deaths

Federal laws have been passed to regulate safety. These laws included:

  • Installation of safety belts
  • Safety glass windshields
  • Head restraints
  • In 1979, the first driver-side airbag was introduced
  • Torque boxes: Allow Controlled Twists and Crushes
  • Grinding Areas: Collapse During a Collision (To Act as Absorber, Absorbing the Impact)

Modern Cars

  • Carbon Fiber Parts [19659005] More Plastic Parts
  • High Strength Steel
  • Boron Steel
  • Unibody Construction
  • Space Frame Construction
  • Computer
  • Hybrid Cars

Now They Even Have Cars Lost, where to go, Parallel Park for you.


While modern cars seem to be cheap and unsafe, they are actually designed to crush or collapse, while transferring energy around the interior more robust. pro

In a collision, modern cars suffer much more damage than older vehicles. However, in reality, cars take the impact instead of passengers.

The lesson was designed to give you a bit of history, but to emphasize that a simple hammer, a cart and a few keys will not repair today's cars. . We need highly trained auto body repair technicians and automobiles to repair today 's vehicles.


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