The history of Christmas cards


The first known Christmas card was invented and sold in England to encourage ordinary people to use the post office that had just been born. The card itself had a central colorful image of a family enjoying a sumptuous Christmas dinner, while there were two panels of people who were looking after the poor. (Out of curiosity, the card was criticized because of a child who drank wine.) But there were religious symbols in Holly as a symbol of chastity and Ivy as a symbol of the footprints of Christ. (The food and clothing of the poor were encouraging acts of charity and being generous on St Stephen's Day (Dec. 26 also known as Boxing Day) because it was a good day for everyone. was the day the workers traditionally received their Christmas box.A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you "

The important thing was that it was the first time.In a few years from cards of Christmas tin were sent and delivered for a penny. The Penny Post was possible because with the advent In fact, the post office offered a half-price postal delivery service if the card was sent alone or in an unsealed envelope.

This was actively encouraged and in 1870, the printing of cards was popular and the postage was set at half a penny, so that more and more people in the British Isles sent them.

The Christmas cards were came a lot earlier but they were very expensive, so not very used. It was not until 1875 that the mass printing and resulting price reduction made sending Christmas cards to the United States convenient and popular.

The cards themselves are sent as a greeting and generally offer wishes and congratulations for the joy of Christmas and the coming year. So, if you look at the Sir Henry Coles Christmas card, mentioned above, you will see that the tradition has changed little.

Favorite cards often have images of the Nativity scene, snow, green trees, a fat bearded man in a red suit, and so on. More recently, with the rise of secularism, many are moving away completely from a religious message. There are as many variations to the messages as one could imagine. Religious or secular the theme is Enjoy the Season and Hope next year is a good one for you.

Trend as very popular now are personalized Christmas cards where all kinds of messages can be put alongside photos of family members. These must of course be done professionally, but with the wonders of technology and digital cameras, it's as easy as 123. All you need to do is collect the photos you want to include, along with the custom message you want to send and order cards from that specialize in small series.


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