The Hotel Pelirocco – Is This England's Sexiest Hotel?


Depending on what you ask in Brighton, the Pelirocco hotel is either fun and entertaining, or ridiculous but riddled with clichés. One thing that everyone can agree on, however, is that it is one of Brighton's best known hotels and it definitely makes a lasting impression. Located on Regency Square in Brighton Beach, the Pelirocco Hotel is a bed and breakfast townhouse. Many of his nineteen rooms are specifically designed to present edgy, sexy – and outrageous – themes. The key here is sex and rock n roll; The hotel aims to relax from Brighton's past, and if kitsch is your thing, then you'll probably love this unique Brighton hotel.

A Private Playground

The Pelirocco hotel is best known for its sex themed rooms. Couples looking for a little fun, for example, often choose to stay in the "playroom". The Play Room is oriented to a riot filled with "dirty weekend". A circular bed and ceiling mirrors definitely fuel this image. No other Brighton hotel can boast of having that kind of decor that pushes the envelopes, though most of them are really ironic. If you and your companion are a bit on the bench side, then you will love this room on the top floor of the Pelirocco hotel; shy people should probably avoid, however.

Pinup Paradise

Continuing its sex-powered decorating program, the Pelirocco Hotel has a handful of rooms that revolve around various sexual goddesses and pin-ups. "Betty's Boudoir", for example, is entirely dedicated to the Hollywood Betty Page siren. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular rooms in this Brighton hotel, blending nostalgia with a bit of sex play. The "Pin Up Parlor" is another exciting choice. It is inspired by the famous sex-symbol Diana Dors and invites people to think about the nasty but pleasant aura that surrounds these pin-ups. It's hard not to have a good time in such a room, and a few Brighton hotels can get close to offering this kind of campy fun.

A Brighton Hotel With a Punk Rock Edge

We are all familiar with the iconic cover of the Sex Pistols & # 39; ransom style note; Jamie Reid was behind this unforgettable look, and the same artist is behind the "Magic Chamber Jamie Reid" of the Pelirocco Hotel. The "Pressure Sounds" room offers a Jamaican and reggae touch, while the "Rough Trade Rough Nite" suite is inspired by the West London Rough Trade Record Shop. These punk rock and music themed rooms offer a beautiful juxtaposition to sex themed rooms, offering a cool option for those who do not like boudoir design. Whatever you really enjoy the style of the Pelirocco Hotel – or if you think that all this is a bit cheesy – you have to admit that it is perhaps the most unique hotel in Brighton.


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