The Importance Of Cosmetics And Make Up


Makeup has been around the enemy for many centuries already. Among the most remarkable people to wear these beauty enhancers are the Egyptians. In fact, the first known historical record of the use of cosmetics to enhance beauty or parts of the face and body was in Egypt during the first dynasty around the years 3100 – 2907 BC. At the time, the makeup was just the simple eye coloring reminiscent of most Egyptian paintings where the eyes are colored with kohl and other elements and substances. Meanwhile, Egyptians were also very aware of the effects of the sun on their skin and they already have some kind of lotion to keep their skin hydrated and supple.

Makeup finally evolved from Egyptian kohl to French. the red used to make the lips blush and blush the cheeks. Today, makeup plays a vital role for men and women all over the world. There are many products that are produced to be organic or hypoallergenic to meet the demands of many cosmetic users.

Makeup Uses

Most people use makeup to enhance and beautify. This is usually the most common use of makeup that exists and is the most prevalent. Other uses of makeup include covering scars and deformities that can be debilitating. Although it has the same purpose as helping beauty, this use helps to build an individual's self esteem and confidence.

Makeup is also needed in some jobs and occupations primarily focused on the entertainment industry. Being under severe lights and the constant glow of camera flashes has prompted many show business personalities to arm makeup instead of appearing in adverse conditions and to disappoint their fans . Since their appearance is one of their most valuable assets, they must do everything they can to appear as fans want them to appear.

Other use of makeup that has recently surfaced is like sunscreen. Many cosmetics and cosmetics manufacturers have responded to the needs of most people to protect themselves and their skin from the sun's rays. This is a great development because previously, sunscreen and makeup were quite difficult to mix.

Today, cosmetics play a big role in everyday life and the industry generates billions of dollars of products and revenues. It has become an everyday tool to make men and women more presentable.


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