The key elements of contemporary interior design


Now that you have decided that you are interested in contemporary decor for your home, you must first learn the key elements. One thing to remember when working in contemporary interior design is the major rule "minus that is more". You will never encounter clutter in the decoration of the contemporary home. The decoration of the contemporary house is known for its clean lines and elegant sophistication. If you are a fan of ruffles, ruffles, floral motifs and tapestries, contemporary design may not be what you need.

The common foundations for contemporary interior design are bare windows and high ceilings. If your place consists of unusual architectural features such as exposed pipes, do not worry, these features are attainable. However, if your area lacks these key features, you will focus heavily on the furnishings to get the look you desire.

Contemporary interior design can be identified by some major brands. These marks are: chrome metal accents and heavy use of glass or mirrors. As for contemporary furnishings, interior decorators usually opt for very textured fabrics like wool, linen and jute. Contemporary decorations often include tiles, vinyl or wooden floors. In addition to this, many interior decorators choose to include trendy rugs.

When choosing contemporary works of art for your space, it is imperative to select a work that you find personally appealing. Some interior designers also suggest composing a large collection of smaller individual pieces.

The classic colors of contemporary design are black, white and beige. It is not uncommon to accentuate these colors with a bold color. When using this method, it is more profitable to choose furniture in neutral colors and accentuate with bright colors. Using these methods, redecorate a lot more reasonable. The accent pieces are a lot cheaper than a couch.


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