The most popular Christmas songs of all time


The most popular Christmas songs are timeless classics that have become popular and have become part of the tradition. They have sold millions of copies around the world with their messages of celebration, happiness and romance. Played by many music stars, their popularity transcends time and generations.

Band Aid was the super group formed by Bob Geldof in 1984 to raise awareness and make money for famine in Ethiopia. Their Christmas number 1 & # 39; they know it Christmas & # 39; sold over 3.5 million records in the UK alone and involved artists such as George Michael, Boy George and Paul Young. It was an impromptu affair with the studio giving Bob Geldof only 24 hours to record most of the song.

On November 25, many of the UK's leading artists visited the studios of SARM, Notting Hill, to record their performances. The single then provoked controversy when Bob Geldof promised that every penny made by sales would go to charity. The government reacted by refusing to donate the VAT, Geldof criticized the act and launched a public appeal that has garnered support across the country. This led the government to back down and donate the tax to the call.

One of the best-selling Christmas singles is called Candle in the Wind & # 39; and was written and played by Elton John in 1997 as a tribute to Princess Diana who died earlier in the year. It was written for Marilyn Monroe and published in 1973 by Elton John. but does not even have nearly the same success. As a sincere gesture, Elton John later stated that he would perform the song only at the request of Prince William and Harry of Wales.

According to the Guinness Book of Records and Sales exceeding 50 million copies worldwide, Bing Crosby's White Christmas's # 39; is considered the best single of all time. The song was originally written by Irving Berlin and has been performed and broadcast by Bing Crosby. The song initially spent 11 weeks on the US charts in 1942, but was reissued to reach the top of the charts in 1945 and 1946. Bing Crosby then released two other well-known Christmas anthems, Silent Night. and & Jingle Bells & # 39; both exceeding sales of over 30 million copies worldwide. They are so far thought to be two of the most popular Christmas songs in history.

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is another oldie gold that has sold millions of copies. Written in 1939 by Robert L. May, a copywriter for Chicago's Montgomery Ward department stores, it was originally created as a promotional gift for shoppers. Gene Autry later recorded and released it in 1949. Since then, it has been sold to over 25 million copies worldwide and continues to be a staple of the tradition of Christmas.


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