The PCS 10


This bike rack is just great. Very well built, solid, simple and functional. A much better alternative than taking your bike to the high-priced bike shops. Make your bike work so much better and worth every penny. Here is my short evaluation of the features of this software.

The Clamp

This oversized forceps can hold any type of bike and is extremely easy to use. The bike can be rotated in any position and is able to keep it as high as you might need it. It's fantastic!


Extremely robust. The images of the advertisement do not represent very well in my opinion because they give the impression of being a little small and fragile, but they are actually quite heavy. Personally, I prefer to have it on the safe side because it adds to durability and strength and seems to last a long time. Perfect for any type of bike, even if you have a big mountain bike. I have read a lot of reviews on other booths that were good but did not fit the bigger mountain bikes so well. Do not go for the cheaper fragile stands, there is no comparison when you use a stand like this.

Configure and Disassemble

It's simple and logical to set up, as well as easy to disassemble. I will not push on its portability; there are lighter supports if you want a race style stand but it folds very well for storage and can be carried in the house or even in the trunk of your car if needed. In short, it can be tidied up after you're done with it.

It is absolutely necessary to get this bike repair stand if you are serious in home repair. I would go so far as to say that it makes you feel good when you use it. 🙂 I recommend getting handlebar support too, this is worth the extra money.


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