The Perfect Beauty Salon Design on a Budget – Simple Ideas For the Non-Designer


When salons are started for the first time and they treat all the initial costs, you can sometimes clearly see the effect that the limited budget plays on the design. Cut corners, and a few cents saved here or there will be useful if you have a limited budget, but a budget too tight and you run away from customers who would otherwise be your customers.

When you create your living room, a sleek design will give you a professional look that will give your customers confidence. The hair salon design is not helped by any equipment usually required nearby. Clutter can be minimized by buying plastic bins in dollar stores and using them as cheap storage. If you have a little extra spare, you can invest in caddies instead.

Remember when decorating that white has a very clean appearance but may seem very institutional. At the other end of the spectrum, black will go with anything, but it is prone to picking up more spots, stains and dust.

Playing with colors is a great way to add interest to your living room. Depending on your vision and theme, you can play with vivid and vibrant colors. If used right the bright colors can give your living room a very modern feel. Sticking with pastels is a good way to play safely because they are tested and proven.

Remember that your colors are complimented by your lighting, and you should pay close attention to the lighting that you have. In addition, some cheap lighters (stand-alone or otherwise) can add heat to an otherwise bland area.

Plants are a pillar of design. You should be very selective about the plants you choose, but if it is well done, they can add a more natural and invigorating feel to your living room.

With plants, there are other simple objects that add appeal to your space. A beautiful bathroom will certainly generate a lot of bonus points with your customers. The fresh flowers in a vase add not only to the smell, but look great and add a touch of elegance. Best of all, you can even grow them yourself, to save a few cents if needed.

Having a selection of magazines for your customers will help your cause. There is no need to subscribe to all magazines, but you can request magazine deals from friends, relatives, family members and staff members. Then you can spend a little bit to complete your collection if you feel the need by buying one or two more – and you'll still save a small fortune.

For decorative touches, there are many little tricks that you can use to change the look of your space, from painted latticework between workstations to the smart use of mirrors to make your appearance look like much bigger living room than it really is.

Investing in art will also help your image, since art is something that conveys sophisticated tastes and that will enhance the look of your living room.

You can buy interior design books and flick through them to find ideas. Although hiring an interior architect can be expensive, the results can be reproduced as easily by someone with an eye for detail and some examples of work.

The most important point to remember is to be creative.


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