The practical guide on the use of a washing machine


Believe it or not, there are many people who do not know how to use a washing machine. This includes the types of washing powder and fabric softener to use and the amount to put in the washing machine. The best part of life in the modern era is that most washing machines include instructions to make your life easier.

In this case we will use a front loader as an example.

  1. The first thing is first – sorting your laundry. White or very light clothing should be washed separately from clothing such as jeans, scarves and velvet. The reason why this is done is because some fabrics lose color after washing them several times.
  2. Then you have to add the washing powder in the right compartment. The washing machine will usually indicate which compartment uses a small image. Depending on the capacity and style, it would not take more than a shovel or a small cup.
  3. The softener is a must if you prefer that your clothes smell fresh and soft. Some clothes also look better when the softener was added
  4. Now we have to turn on the washing machine so that we can choose the right option for the type of clothes that was loaded in the washing machine .
  5. The option you choose before starting the cycle depends on the clothes that are inside the machine. The "Delicates" option should be chosen for small, fragile items such as underwear, thin t-shirts and lace jerseys that could be worn over evening dresses. The "duvets" can be bedding like duvets, comforters and quilts. Items such as jeans may also have an option that you can select that will not damage the fiber.
  6. Some washing machines have the intelligence to determine the time it will take to perform the chosen wash so that you can plan your daily tasks around that. This allows you to better manage your time at home, especially if you are a parent or a professional.

If you are an active parent or a busy professional, you do not have time to do the laundry and soften it every month. So save time, buy wholesale and get the washing powder and the fabric softener in bulk. This could also prove to be an exercise in saving and saving time for your household.


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