The Price of Beauty: Hair Straightening Costs


With an onslaught of shampoo commercials on television, with models with long, smooth, and super-straight braids, it's no wonder that a large part of the female population wants her hair to be impeccably perfect. As a result, hair salons offering hair straightening services continue to proliferate everywhere. Self-made hair treatments, hair ironing kits and other various hair products are constantly being improved, with new and improved ones.

To say that there is a wide variety of methods and products to smooth hair is a euphemism. Women find themselves in a dilemma about what suits them and bring out the best results. Among their major concerns is the cost. When it comes to hair treatment, is the price really important? Will a more expensive process produce better results, or will less expensive processes suffice?

Factors to consider:

1. Condition of the hairs

Needless to say, more work means higher costs. The more curly the hair, the more the salon treatment or the hair product will be expensive.

2. Lifespan of Treatment

You have to choose if she wants her hair to be permanently or only for a certain period of time. While some women prefer to have expensive hair all their lives, others love to experiment with different hairstyles – frizz one day, super shaggy each other. The permanent treatment rate will of course be higher than a temporary rate.

3. Maintenance

When one constantly takes care of one's hair, especially after undergoing a straightening treatment, visits to the salon will be less frequent.

$$$$$: Chemically trained treatment done by professionals in a salon

Although there are hair straightening formulas readily available on the market, it is still recommended to let the chemicals to the experts . The reason is simple: dealing with powerful chemicals requires technical know-how from the whole process of hair straightening. In addition, professionals will be able to assess the condition of their hair to find out how the chemicals will be used, in order to avoid any damage.

$$$$: Hair Ironing Kit

Although this hair tool is, of course, cheaper than a visit to the salon, it does not guarantee lasting results. Hair irons come in various types. Those who use metal plates are usually the cheapest, but it's not recommended for regular use because its surface will cause long-term hair damage. The ceramide hair iron is considered softer and effective, but it comes with a higher price. By using ceramic plates, this type of iron is smoother, which will result in a better flattening of the hair. It also has better temperature control, which prevents burning and permanent damage to hair. When buying a hair straightener, be sure to test it before you buy. Read carefully and follow the instructions included in the kit. When you regularly iron your hair, avoid using other chemical treatments, such as dyes, as they could damage the hair. It is also recommended to have a regular trim to prevent split ends.

$$$: Hair Dryer

Surprisingly, despite the appearance of new products to smooth hair, the good old hair dryer still survives, and in fact, still widely used. Perhaps among the least expensive products of hair straightening, the hair dryer still remains to be reliable in the temporary management of frizzy hair. Like the hair iron, its results last only until the next wash. Before you start, make sure the hair is free of tangles by using a wide-toothed comb. It should also be slightly damp. Use a round and wide brush for best results. Setting up a lotion, gel or conditioner without rinsing can also be applied after blowing the hair to eliminate frizz and get a smoother and more silky look.


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