The Proper Way to Deep Clean Hair


Does your hair smell funny? Due to the nature of the hair, it usually acts as a net, catching odors, odors and dirt in the air. Styling products, such as mousse, gel or hairspray, facilitate the adhesion of these particles to your hair.

Even when you wash your hair, some residues and their accumulation can still stick to the wicks. That's why you have to clean your hair thoroughly at least once a month. Deep cleansing can bring back the rebound, shine and manageability of your hair, in addition to removing toxins, chemicals and buildup.

Depending on the type of treatment you use, deep cleansing can take place before or after shampooing. Hot oil treatments are usually applied before you wash your hair, while conditional treatments are applied after washing. Some people opt for both.

If you use a hot oil treatment, let it sit in the hot water for at least a minute to warm it up before applying it to your hair. The hair should be wet before it is applied and be sure to work from root to tip. Let it penetrate the hair shaft for a few minutes to nourish and detoxify your hair before rinsing it with lukewarm water.

Wash your hair with a clarifying or moisturizing shampoo. You should gently massage the scalp while you wash to make sure all traces of the oil treatment are gone. Rinse and repeat. The rule for shampooing is to wash once for the hair and once for the scalp. You will notice that you get more foam and bubbles during the second wash. This is because the shampoo is not weighed by the dirt and debris in your hair, which allows the bubbles to form.

After washing, pack as usual or apply a deep conditioning hair mask. Conditioners do not need to go up to the roots, but it's important to cover your wicks up to the tip to prevent tangles. Root conditioning can weigh down your hair, making it difficult to comb.

If possible, let your hair dry in the air. If you must use a dryer, apply a serum or a spray of thermal protection before hand to protect your hair from damage. Also use the low or medium setting to prevent your hair from burning.


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