The PSP 3000 Overview


The PSP 3000 is a new and improved model of all other PSP models. Media and games are similar to other older versions, but some features have been updated and added. The most visible difference compared to other models is the silver color that covers the PS 3000. The old versions are all white. You will also find PSP 3000 models in black.

This is a redesigned version of the PlayStation Portable, the popular Sony hardware edition.

In an effort to enhance the outdoor playability of the PSP, Sony has added an anti-glare technology that will achieve this function. In other words, this new model is playable in full sun. The other models can not be read when they are exposed to direct sunlight, so it is a major improvement.

The external design also did not change the changes. It has an improved surface that protects against fingerprints and is more attractive to the eyes. It's a textured silver and white surface. To sum up the design in two words, the PSP 3000 has a much smoother design compared to older versions of the PSP.

The new PSP 3000 also features an upgraded LCD screen as it incorporates an anti-glare screen. The contrast ratio is about five times higher than the old PSP. The response time is twice that of older versions, which means you will not see any blur during your reading and during playback. This faster pixel response time is a savior for the LCD screen.

The PSP screen has a wider color gamut, which means that it is able to display a wider range of colors than before. The colors will obviously be clearer and richer.

Another hardware upgrade on the PSP 3000 is the built-in microphone that was inspired by the success of the activated headset that was on SOCOM; The US Navy SEALs Bravo shooting team. The microphone is placed just below the screen. The built-in microphone allows you to use applications such as online gaming or games via Infrastructure and Skype for PSP.

PSP 3000 is also able to interlace with TVs that do not support a progressive release. This is because the video-out feature has been improved. This means that you can use this new version of PlayStation Portable on non-HDTVs.


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