The Rag Rug – Considered to Be the Poor Mans Floor Covering


Because rag rugs are utilitarian objects, originally intended to be used until they are completely worn out, then simply thrown away, hardly any first examples have survived . In addition, carpet making was considered a working-class craft and was therefore considered unworthy of attention. He was also associated with poverty, and as people became better off, they were often ashamed of their carpets and their associations, and so they ran away.

There are people who remember their parents and grandparents making rugs in Wales, Kent, Sussex, East Anglia, Worcester and East End of London. d & # 39; England. This was because there were a lot of local mills and fabric factories, which meant that materials were readily available, and partly because of the endemic poverty that led to reuse old fabrics, including clothing.

The tools for making carpets – hooks and frames, were usually made by men. The carpet manufacturers were usually women. The whole family would involve, men setting up the frame, and sometimes marking the drawing on the support cloth with a charred stick caught in the fire. The children would have expected to cut the old clothes collected throughout the year. When the carpet was finished, it would be placed in front of the fire in the best room, or parlor, while the old carpets would be turned around the house. A well-made crocheted rug is reversible, carpets were often placed on the wrong side, only returned on special occasions. The traditional cleaning method would beat the carpet with a stick, when hanging on a branch.


Source by Spencer Davies

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