The secrets of Santa Claus


Christmas Day is coming. We can enjoy our happiest time of the year. Santa will be probably the busiest and the most famous. We all believe that we have already known enough about him. Does Santa Claus have any other secrets? Certainly yes!

1, Where can you find it?

Where is Santa Claus? What we do know is that it's at the North Pole. Some people even said that Santa came from Rovaniemi, Finland. Is this really true? If your child was very curious about Santa Claus and wanted to find Santa Claus, how would you answer him? I fear that the answer does not depend on the age of the child.

Every year, before Christmas Day, there will be a well-stocked grotto for Santa in major shopping centers, gardens and community centers. For 2-3 year olds, their parents will tell them that they will take them to see Santa Claus. The parents take the children to the cave and spend a few pounds to take a photo with Santa and get a small gift. For those who are 5-6 or even 7-8 years old, they may know that Santa Claus in the mall is not true. If they insist on finding the truth, parents may not have any idea what to do. For these older children, parents should be ready to tell them the truth.

2, What is the mailing address of him?

Every year, children write him a letter and tell him the gift that they prefer. . Traditionally, kids only need to write this address "Santa Claus, North Pole" and then throw the letter at the back of the chimney. The wind will send the letter to Santa Claus.

But now, British children can send the letters to the following address:

Santa / Father Christmas,

Santa Claus Cave,



Tell yourself a little secret: this is a special mailbox of British Royal Post. Each year, they all received about 750,000 children's letters and said that all letters would be sent to Santa Claus and that all children could receive an answer.

In recent years, lazy kids can also send him an email! The problem is that his email address is constantly changing (the Internet at the North Pole may not be well developed). Before you send it, you need Google's e-mail address.

Although I am no longer a young child, I also hope that I will be able to receive a gift from him. If my dream comes true, I prefer that Santa Claus can send me a backpack that I have long dreamed of

3, What is his true identity?

Saint Nicholas is said to be Santa's prototype. According to legend, there was a poor old man who feared that he could not afford the dowry, no one would want to marry his three daughters. Saint Nicolas was informed of his problems, hoping to help them. On Christmas Eve, the three girls hung the socks near the fireplace. Nicholas threw coins at the socks through the fireplace.

After the news spread, people began to hang socks, waiting to receive the gift of the saints. Later, the task of delivering the gifts falls to Santa Claus or Santa Claus today. Now, before Christmas day, people will put the Christmas socks at the fireplace. If you do not have a fireplace, you can put socks attached to the windows or hang them on the door. The goal is to make him notice and do not forget to leave you a present.

4, How old is he?

Santa Claus is a legend and a symbol, so his age is hard to say. If you want to count, then the prototype was Saint Nicolas who was a good bishop living in the 4th century. From the 4th century to today, it's been 17 centuries. Therefore, he is over 1700 years old. But that may not be true. As for her exact age, we are afraid that only Mrs. Santa Claus knows it.


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