The Smell of Natural Beauty


Many people wear colognes and perfumes to compliment their feelings and fashions. The good thing about natural beauty is that, for the most part, these things are not necessary. Still, some people prefer to wear something that makes them sexy or just for fun. Like makeup, the trick to wearing a fragrance for natural beauty is not to hide a personal smell, but to improve it.

Just take a look at the pharmacy's perfume shop or at a department store display to get an idea of ​​what most people find fashionable. While colognes such as Polo Sport and Calvin Klein are made with essential oil, many of them also include synthetic materials that dampen their natural odors. If Polo Sport is suitable for the appearance of an individual, then that person should go there. However, there are fewer overwhelming smells that do a lot to compliment the natural smell and personal preferences of a person.

The first way to compliment a natural scent is to bathe or take a shower using a shampoo, a shower gel or a lotion that contains natural extracts. Women often prefer flowers and fruit extracts while men often prefer more woody scents. Remember that smells are never gender-specific, so find the one that best suits your personal chemistry. Another scent-free option is to use laundry detergent with similar extracts or hang clothes in a closet refreshed by the smell of dried flowers or something similar. There is often the question of cologne, and cologne certainly reads a serious look because it may be the very thing that gets the girl or the guy or even the new job.

The sense of smell is powerful because of its primal nature. In other words, we react to an odor before we realize it in the room. Herbalists and perfume makers know that so many perfume formulas are made with ingredients to trigger a reaction either by the person wearing it or by people in their general neighborhood. An example is pink. Rose is a soothing scent that can induce sleep or reduce anxiety while vanilla is a scent designed to arouse someone sexually. Therefore, find the difference that does what you want to do. However, there is an even more important question at hand. The smell must not only do what you want it to do, but it must also mix with your chemistry. Some people put floral scents and smell good while others stinks. Therefore, try before you buy. If the opportunity arises, try a perfume-free pheromone formula to get a better idea of ​​what your natural scent is. Pheromones are hormones that attract the other sex by enhancing one's personal scent. Like perfumes, we all have fruity, floral, woody or spicy flavors. Weaving the good scent will improve this smell rather than taking it. Perfumes are available in the form of oils that are pure essential oils mixed with carrier oil for skin safety. They are also available in spray or dry solids that are rubbed on the body. Again, try before you buy.

Remember that smell is an important part of how you present yourself. Whether you think about it or not, you are affected by what others are wearing. So choose the scent that best supports your natural beauty by adding a kick to your personal scent.


Source by James A. Penn

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