The Table Tennis Table


The humble ping pong table was invented by London's Jaques, not as one would expect from the Chinese although they have all the best players nowadays. It was developed from a makeshift parlor game played in England in the late 1800s where "bats" were cigar boxes and the "ball" was a champagne cork. Jaques called it ping pong and the rest belongs to history.

Table tennis is now a great sport and has played at the Olympics, from so humble beginnings it is now an international sport. The game has its own regulatory body, the ITTF or International Table Tennis Federation and they dictate the specifications of the table and the bat and the ball. The size of the ball for table tennis has been increased to 40 mm to slow down the game for television and these are just plastic balls filled with air which, as you may have noticed, are very easy to crush when trampled.

The game is now very popular and millions of people around the world play it every week, because the equipment is very cheap and so the game is accessible to all and very fun, I play it often myself and my service topspin is a killer 🙂

Now, for the ping-pong tables themselves, there are only 2 sheets of wood assembled to form a table of 9 feet out of 5 and 30 inches tall according to the rules of the ITTF. It could not be simpler, a table version of the game of tennis. To win the game, the new rules state that he is the first to 11 points (he was previously 21) and be led by at least 2 points. The tables start at around $ 150 with sticks and a ball so there is no excuse for not having a brand new ping-pong table.


Source by George Pennwood

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