The Tablet of Venus


In the 17th century, divination devices called Tablets of Destiny were sold on the street by fortune tellers. These were square pieces of paper with sixteen numbers on them, and the idea was that you go home, close your eyes, rotate the paper, and point to a dot on the paper. to get the answer to your question. The numbers corresponded to the vibrations of the specific planets and their responsibilities. For example, the moon tablet was used to ask questions about family, friends and relationships. Jupiter's tablet was used for consultations on business, justice and legal issues.

The tablet of Venus, which was used to answer questions about love, is as below.

The Tablet of Venus

5 11 1 9

14 7 4 12

8 3 16 2

6 15 10 13

To make your own Tablet of Venus simply copy the Figures see above on a square piece of paper in the model shown and make sure the numbers are evenly spaced in sixteen spaces. Close your eyes, rotate the paper and ask a question. Wherever your finger or the tip of your pen lands – here is your answer. If the number is on the side or upside down, then you read the reverse direction of the number. It's a bit of a parlor game, but it's a traditional, fun and surprisingly accurate game of chance. By the way, do not take a peek before turning the paper.

1 Right This person is your soulmate.
Inverted You force this person to do something that she does not want to do

2 Amount There will be delays and disappointments.
Inverted This person knows your deception.

3 Standing Do what your heart tells you to do.
Inverted This person is a crook

4 Upright Make sure you have all the facts before continuing.
Reversed If you knew the whole story, you would forgive.

5 Law Everything will be fine.
Reversed You will regret your hasty decision.

6 Amount It's your fault if it does not work.
Reversed Your love is strong enough to withstand all obstacles.

7 Right You are responsible for what happened.
Reversed Do not judge a book by its cover.

8 Right Your jealousy destroys your relationship.
Reverse Your beloved is honest and true to you.

9 Your beloved is faithful to you.
Inverted You are unfaithful to your partner ..

10 Right A person is thinking of you now.
Reverse Beware of a flirtation.

11 Amount This misunderstanding will spread rapidly.
Reversed This Misunderstanding Can Mean the End of Things

12 Right Some has changed your mind about you.
Reversed You allow gossip to destroy your love.

13 Right There will be love, but not with the one you think you want.
Thoughtful Reflect before acting

14 Right Your fears and your suspensions are in your head
Reverse C is the craze, not love.

15 Law Your Friend and You Will Separate Forever
Inverted There is no reason to be jealous

16 Amount C is a true love.
Reversal Be reasonable, not silly about this …


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