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For many of us, Christmas gift shopping has become more of a nightmare than a series of enjoyable excursions into shopping malls and local malls. Gone are the days when you browse the shops for beautifully packaged soaps and bath salts, the latest bestsellers, or next year's calendar or diary. Christmas gift shopping has become more complicated for several reasons:

1. Christmas is now a big deal.

When I was a kid, people could expect to find an acceptable Christmas present for less than $ 20. Books, stationery products and bathroom gift packs were always good choices if you did not have the knowledge (or the budget) to buy at someone else's really wanted. Everyone seemed happy with these simple gifts and no one was seriously in debt after their Christmas shopping spree.

The nature of Christmas presents has changed over the years from small generic items to more specific ones. Children receive the latest essential toys, while teens and adults often receive gadgets and devices such as ipods, cell phones, cameras, computers, sound systems and televisions. The average donation cost has increased significantly, so we are often faced with large credit card bills after loading our cards with Christmas gift purchases.

2. Most people already have everything they need.

In the era of loan credit, most people tend to buy things the way they need them. We do not necessarily talk about big items like cars or big screen TVs, but items like technology, housewares, appliances and clothing. Children and adolescents in middle-class families seem particularly well equipped with "toys" of all kinds. As for adults, as long as they earn a lot of money, they tend not to skimp on the small luxuries of life (as well as the necessities), so you often find it hard to find a gift that they want but that they do not have. not already bought.

3. Most people have very specific preferences.

Even with small objects, you may have problems:

  • Does the book lover of your family already have the latest bestseller? Has he gone from reading legal thrillers to spying novels? The same questions apply to DVDs
  • Do women in your family still wear the same perfume or have they chosen a new favorite perfume?
  • If someone uses a calendar or diary, what type do they prefer? Many people like a specific size or layout and do not use a different diary or agenda

Regardless of the article, do you know the brand or label that someone else has? 39, a favorite? Most of us are very clear about what we like so it is a waste of your money to buy something that does not fit this category.

My Top 10 Practical Christmas Gift Ideas

So, how do you buy? on the surface at least, have everything they need? Here are my solutions after wasting too much money in the past for Christmas gifts that were not appreciated.

Give money.

Putting a $ 50 bill on a nice Christmas card to everyone may sound rude, but it solves a number of problems. The recipient can buy exactly what he wants with the money, plus you have eliminated all the stress of the selection of gifts. Everyone wins. We encouraged this system in our family once the children reached adolescence.

2. Set up a donation system per person

Everyone in the family writes a list of 5 choices (in a specific budget) and places it in a bowl. Each family member then selects a list and buys one. At Christmas, everyone gets something that he really wants and the expense is kept to a reasonable limit.

3. Give gift certificates.

If you know anyone who loves a particular store, buy him a gift certificate from this store. Still, they can buy an item that they really want.

Unless you know their tastes extremely well, do not be tempted to create another type of homemade gift that they will feel compelled to keep because you put as much effort into it!

4. Make a gift basket.

Buy an inexpensive basket, cellophane and ribbon, then fill the basket with a dozen small items. The best choices are the bathroom products (check out the person's bathroom first for favorite brands) and the food items (check out their closets and their fridge!).

5. Buy clothes and accessories wisely.

Unless you know very well the likes of a person, it is difficult to buy clothes for her. The exceptions are items like bathrobes and luxurious underwear, but always keep the receipt so that they can exchange the gift if they wish.

6. Buy a membership or subscription.

No, we are not talking about a gym membership or something that requires active participation – unless you know that the person really wants it. Depending on their tastes, you can buy a club membership such as wine of the month, coffee of the month, flower of the month and so on. You can also buy a subscription to their favorite magazine or newspaper.

For children, you can purchase a series of swimming lessons, martial arts lessons, etc., that they have asked for, or you can sponsor them for an event or excursion

7 . Buy tickets.

If you know anyone who is a fan of an artist or a particular sport, buying tickets for the next event can be a very appreciated gift. If tickets are not yet on sale, print a voucher on your computer that specifies your offer. And be sure to follow through!

8. Give a travel voucher.

This is more appropriate for a romantic partner or spouse. Book a weekend getaway, but make sure the dates are convenient. If it's too early to set the dates, create a good one on your computer and honor it.


Create a service voucher for items such as an annual spring cleaning service or monthly gardening for an elderly parent, a series of massages, romantic dinners, etc., for a spouse or partner etc. You can do it for any task and run it yourself or outsource it.

10. Give them exactly what they want.

If you have checked with other friends or family members and you know that someone has been angry after a certain item, as long as it is in your budget, buy it! It is not often that you have the opportunity to please someone like that.

So, rather than searching online for a unique list of the top 10 Christmas presents this year, take a step back and think about what people your life already has and / or really wants. Then choose something that fits their wants and needs as well as your budget.

Merry Christmas gift shopping!


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