The transformable baby room and the bedroom of friends


Sometimes it is not possible to create both a baby room and a guest room, so the owners are forced to combine the two for a convertible baby room and a room of friends. There are many ways to create a room that serves both purposes, but style and comfort should never be sacrificed to create a suitable and fashionable accommodation for the baby and guests. The best choice for your space normally depends on the size of the room, the availability of resources, decor and similar issues.

Sleeping arrangements for everyone

The biggest problem in the transformable baby room and guest room is often to provide a comfortable place to sleep without creating a mismatched style in the room. Choosing hodge-podge pieces, such as a modern black baby crib with a fold-out couch in a floral pattern for guests, gives the room a bargain shop look. Choosing co-ordinating pieces will give the room a more finished feel, and the sense of style will go far, even if the pieces are not very expensive.

For example, choose a cradle and a headboard with the same wood finish. Add storage accessories that have the same wood finish and coordinate colors in the room to create a comfortable and comfortable sleeping space for everyone who shares the room.

Storage when space is shared

Storage is another problem when you design a multi-purpose room because everyone needs a little space for objects personal. Babies need a lot of accessories, but even casual guests will need a place for toilets and some personal items. The answer is often found in closet organization, under-bed storage, and even closet-door storage ideas.

Make sure your baby's needs are your number one priority, since your little one will be in the room all the time and guests are often just casual visitors. Once this is done, use other methods to offer a little storage to the guests, through a variety of methods. You can put away a drawer in a dresser, a shelf in the closet or a bedside table drawer for the use of guests, or offer a lock at the foot of the bed for more storage space. Accessories that offer storage, such as a small table top that can hold small items, are other ways to give an occasional idea of ​​where to store jewelry, phone chargers and the like.

Lighting Problems

Finally, lighting is a concern that not everyone initially thinks about. Babies are often marked by bright lights, and they are not allowed during nighttime feedings if you want your child to go back to sleep. Lighting a bright light for feedings would also disturb your guest. The solution is usually appropriate lighting for day or night use, such as dimmers.

The convertible baby room and the guest room need a lamp, sometimes two, so that caregivers can take care of nocturnal guests without disturbing the guests, and the guests have more light to get ready for bed at the right time.


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