The Truth About Genital Acne


Although genital acne is by no means a sexual disease, most people tend to be ashamed and embarrassed to have it because of their delicate geographical location. If you feel reluctant to approach a doctor about your problem, continue reading to learn some basic tips on genital acne. See if you still need to see a doctor later.


Acne or genital folliculitis is experienced by men and women. Race and age do not matter. Although laser treatment against acne is technically possible, it is best to use it as a last resort, because the genital area is very delicate. Start using natural or medicinal ointments.

What Causes It

Genital Acne can be caused by a number of factors:

Dirty Lingerie – If you still have not recognized the need to regularly change lingerie, it's time to do it. Clean underwear greatly reduces the symptoms of genital acne.

Hygiene – You should wash your internal parts regularly, especially if they are often exposed to external elements. For example, if you often hang out on the beach with tight clothing, the sun, sand and salt water can wreak havoc on your skin.

Sweat – If you are a very active type in the sport, accumulated sweat can actually cause genital acne. For a natural cure, take a shower as often as possible until the complete disappearance of acne.

Laundry Soap – It is possible that the laundry soap you use causes a negative reaction to your body, causing an acne breakout on one of the most sensitive parts of the body.


Rather than opt for a treatment that strictly eliminates acne, you may want to first use an antibacterial cleanser and see how it works. works. Antibacterial cleaners are a safe first choice because they are specially formulated for use on intimate parts.


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