The Truth Behind the Zyporex Acne Treatment

There is a wealth of information and treatment options on the market today to combat acne. Most of them are manufactured by reputable companies who devote time and effort to producing a viable product, even if it is not very effective at fighting the problem. # 39; acne. This article will explore Zyporex and review user reviews and other information to determine if it is an acne treatment.

Information about Zyporex on its official website is sketchy and incomplete. There is no information relating to the company that produces Zyporex, other than an e-mail address. The Better Business Bureau has ranked the company in category F for its serious concerns about the reliability of the business.

Zyporex itself is marketed as a one-step solution for acne that comes in the form of a facial and body scrub. The website claims that the scrub is “100% chemical free” and includes avocado oil, green tea extract and other botanicals. They also claim that the treatment will last at least three months. There are questions about these ingredients that have been raised, however, by other commentators, including one that suggests that Zyporex contains hyaluric acid, an ingredient that has been linked to tumor growth. malignant. We do not know exactly what is in Zyporex.

Zyporex can be purchased only through the official site. One bottle costs $ 29.99.

It is difficult to determine which online user reviews are legitimate and which are not. The majority of online reviews are negative, citing an ineffective treatment that only worsens acne. They also cite problems with the customer service and the company itself, which corroborates the speculation mentioned above. In addition, Zyporex ingredients, especially extracts, can cause red skin and irritation. In short, there is not much that could be used to recommend Zyporex to those who wish to treat their acne. There are more effective products on the market that should be used instead.
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