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For various reasons, religious, economic, personal, some people just do not do Christmas – shock, horror, absolute blasphemy !!! Not that the naysayer can escape Christmas, the concept and associated visual and musical baggage being pushed into their throats wherever people want it or not from the last week of November (immediately after Thanksgiving in the United States of A) at Christmas. It's about 1 / 12th of your year when all Christmas, Christmas and more Christmas is being fought in you. Christmas probably receives more exposure or saturation coverage than a period before a federal election. At least department stores, malls and supermarkets do not broadcast the speeches of political candidates while they are doing political propaganda. No such response these retail establishments do not give you respect for Christmas. Music, postings and zillions of commercials suggesting this or that perfect gift is the order of the month, and of course, all Santa retail stores are just eggs on kiddies to harass their family and friends with "I want, I want, I want, give me, give me, give me "with products of their shop of course. Maybe that's the reason why there's finally an ongoing anti-Christmas backlash – enough is enough already! It's called the "Christmas War".

There was a lot of breath and breath, especially in the United States of A on a so-called "Christmas War", summed up I guess by replaying "Merry Christmas" with "Happy Holidays" and "Happy Christmas". on the other hand, to minimize the religious and traditional importance of ho, ho, ho, Christmas. For example, no nursery is displayed in public spaces. In fact, this could work since this year (2012) the annual display of Nativity in my local mall has been notable by its absence. I miss it a bit because it has all the same degree of historical reality of Santa Claus himself. [Actually, the day after I wrote that a bit of wishful thinking it showed up – curses, foiled again.]

Personally, I would be more than happy to have all of Christmas and all the luggage associated, mostly economic, thrown out the window, preferably a great height. Since that will not happen, I'll be ready for the demotion. Of course, the Christian Right Wing is spreading fire and brimstone on this trend, although it's really out of place since Christmas has a mess – everything to do with Christianity or anything related to monotheism.

For better or worse, most advanced countries in the world, including those in North America (United States and Canada), Europe and the Pacific (Australia, New Zealand) are no longer WASP Saxon Protestant), but multicultural societies. This means that cultures with large populations do not share the WASP culture, including religions and WASP holidays. "Merry Christmas" has little or no importance; "Happy Holidays" is probably more important for an audience to embroider than just WASP.

An example of a personal note, I do not know your part of the country, but where I live, it is almost mandatory for supermarkets, department stores, shopping malls, etc. channeling and bombarding customers with so-called Christmas Music Much of the winter music of the Northern Hemisphere, such as "Frosty the Snowman," "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow" and "Sleigh Ride" (widely applicable in the southern hemisphere celebrated the summer where I am, but another problem); some have no religious meaning like "I dream of a white Christmas" or "Santa Claus comes to town". But you also get religious-themed songs like "The First Christmas", "Silent Night" or "Hark the Herald Angels Sing". It is with the latter that I am opposed.

The question is: is it the place of supermarkets, etc., to support a particular religion [monotheistic Christian] by playing these Christmas carols with religious theme? It's perfectly legal, of course, but is it ethical? I mean, these stores do not broadcast music appropriate to Hindu beliefs or Buddhist faith. In a multicultural society, I would strongly suggest to department stores, etc., to subject their customers to non-religious Christmas holidays, or even better winter vacations, and not to impose a monotheistic religious point of view on anyone . I mean that's not attending a concert voluntarily. People have to shop for necessities, like food. Should part of this experience be the unintentional scenario or the experience of listening to music rather than not being submitted? Opting for shopping elsewhere probably results in no relaxation as nearly 100% of stores participate in unintentional bombardment. Aside from reluctant buyers, pity the poor staff members who have to endure it for eight hours in a row, day in and day out, for the long, hard month. As one of these spectators said, they are content to fend off the best they can and go into zombie mode for the duration.

The other question is whether Christmas really has a religious connection worthy of its salt? The answer is clearly no. You will not find in any religious text, including the Bible (any version of the Bible in any language), the date, the month or even the season when an injured entity we call Jesus was born. In short, if you are celebrating December 25th as Jesus' birthday, you only have 1 chance out of 365.25 to be right. So why was this date chosen?

Once upon a time, when pagans once reigned, it was customary for the old and the main rural communities dependent on agriculture to divide the year into twelve months of thirty days each. Of course, this left us with a five-day reminder, which had to be used or counted, otherwise the schedule would end up being seriously out of sync. Now remember that all this tradition has begun and evolved in the Northern Hemisphere. Now, what was the most important thing for these farming communities? The winter solstice (the shortest day of the year being the 21st of December) and the confirmation that daylight was starting to extend immediately after (the gods were there before happy) and that meant that was back, with a promise of planting and another harvest and so food on the table. And so you used this five-day surplus in a post-21 December celebration that the winter would eventually disappear and good times would come back.

Enter Christianity and their hatred for all things pagan and polytheistic. The easiest way to handle this annual pagan holiday was not to fight City Hall, but to assimilate it and use it for its own purposes. Easy, just give the masses another reason to celebrate about five days after the winter solstice – the birth of Jesus was a convenient substitute because no one could prove anything else. And slowly but surely, as Christianity replaced paganism and rural communities metamorphosed into urban societies and we realized that the lengthening of the day was the norm of nature and not of whim. gods. But Christmas is celebrated under false pretenses. It was also wrong when the reason was the whim of kindness granted by the god and promised another spring, but then those old rural farmers did not know better. We know better for both reasons – Mother Nature rules the hours of the day and the chances are overwhelming that the birth of Jesus did not happen when the Christian Church said so. But please, do not take my word for it, just ask your local secretary or religious priest or whoever proves that Christmas Day has a Christian religious significance; they can not, and this is not the case.

Let's be honest about Christmas. It has nothing to do with monotheism, Christianity or Jesus, and everything related to consumerism and the economy. All the hype of the month, all the commercials, all the displays, all the music, all the saints, all the ho, ho, ho that you receive, etc. are designed for you, as a stacker put me, in the Christmas mood which basically means psychologically make you lose the purse strings and maximize your credit cards in line with all this Christmas spirit, and the spirits. Fortunately, more and more people are waking up to this annual manipulation and perceptions are turning to the point of view that they would just have a non-religious "Happy Feast" without feeling guilty for not having a "Merry Christmas" ". Christmas "a concept that fell into your throat by society as a whole.

Conclusion: Christmas is as fake as a $ 7 bill and there, before the" Christmas War ", this n & # 39; Is not only fair and logical, but well, very late.

Happy holidays to all!


Source by John Prytz

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