Three Quick Remedies to Clear Sinus Pressure Permanently


For all their annoying symptoms and often simple suffering, sinus pressure and other sinus problems are usually treated at the level of their symptoms, not their cause. Sinus problems are rarely fatal, but they can bring complications and a lot of discomfort. So, why not treat sinus pressure by going to its possible cause and bring permanent relief?

Four years ago, I freed myself from sinus pressure and other sinus problems. I will share with you what I did that solved my sinful miseries. Not for me alone, but for others who have tried it too. It is a unique therapeutic approach that combines three synergistic healing systems – in cooperation with each other – and addresses both the cause and the symptom:

Keep the sinuses clear

Air and a normal amount of mucus – one to two quarts per day – must move through the sinuses and nasal cavities continuously to keep them healthy. Consider that the main function of the membrane covering these cavities is to produce mucus to protect our respiratory organs, etc. Thus, a constant flow of clear, watery mucus is normal and necessary. So, that's what we do to keep our sinuses clear:

  • Self-Applied Sinus Acupressure
  • Drink a lot of pure, pure water at room temperature
  • Nasal Rinse As Needed
  • Use Desensitization Therapy For Severe Allergic Reactions
  • Look What We Eat

Avoid Mucus Producing Foods

Empirical data – non-scientific experimentation – the observations strongly support that some foods, especially three of them, can contribute significantly, if not directly, to the excessive production of mucus and the accompanying discomfort . One of these three foods, which most of us enjoy the most, is: sugar in significant amounts . What is "significant" can vary from one individual to another. Clearly, the large amounts of sugar often found in desserts, soft drinks, milkshakes, ice creams, sugary cereals for breakfast, to name but a few, can significantly affect the state of your sinuses. … because our bodies were not made to handle large amounts of refined sugar and stay healthy. Each of us will have to decide what we prefer: better health and less pain or some fun at the glacier.

Keeping nerve energy flowing freely

It is common knowledge that our nerve cells conduct small amounts of low voltage electricity – measured in milli-volts – that moves from the brain through the spinal cord. From there, this electricity goes to all the organs and other parts of the body. It also carries messages to the brain. Anything that restricts this electrical flow would obviously affect the proper functioning of certain organs, membranes, muscles, sinus cavities, physiological processes, etc., which depend on them. Since the spinal cord channel passes behind the vertebrae, a misalignment of a specific vertebra, such as the atlas or the axis, can exert pressure on the cord and affect this electrical flow. By bringing this electrical energy back to full flow, the body would obviously have better chances of using its own health recovery mechanism. Not only can our sinuses get better out, but they can also improve our overall health. It was my experience.

It is this third "cure" about the complete restoration of the flow of nerve energy that can help bring about the permanence of sinus healing; when it is coupled with the other two remedies on how to keep the sinuses clear and avoid mucus-producing foods.


Source by Paul Sanchez

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