Three Reasons to Choose Custom House Design


The biggest purchase that most people make is their home. Because it's a big expense, and that's spending so much time using it and maintaining it, it's exactly what the homeowner wants it to be. The best way to achieve this dream home is through a custom home design. Here are three reasons why every buyer should consider this option.

Best time at home

There are 168 hours in a week. Of these, the average American will spend around 50 hours giving or taking, working and commuting. Overtime can be spent on errands, attending social events or going to school. This means that almost 60% of a person's time is spent at home. Why is it important? Your home should best fit your lifestyle and needs. Rather than adapt a structure to fit your needs, build a house with these needs in mind from the get go. If your family enjoys outdoor activities, such as soccer, hiking or football, it may be wise to install the washer and dryer in the garage, as close to outdoor fun as possible. If you like to entertain, you can ensure that the formal dining room is large enough to accommodate a dinner. In short, build your house exactly the way you want it because you will spend most of your time there.

Longer Residency

The average American will live in his home for about 13 years before selling it and moving into a new one. With 33 years old as the average age of first time buyers, a person will probably buy and sell about three homes during their lifetime. On the other hand, a custom home design could dramatically increase the length of stay. The two most common reasons for selling are to move into a larger home and modernize. By building a house to your ideal specifications at the start, you can avoid a move into the future.

Best Resale Value

Buyers love unique things. Limited editions, unique pieces and rare models will always have a higher price. The same goes for houses. Twenty years after construction, the most valuable homes on the market are not cookie cutters in a subdivision, but individually built homes that offer homeowners a unique living environment. In addition, custom home design means that there will be no comparable homes that a potential buyer could use to lower your asking price, so you set the market when it's time to sell.

In conclusion, your house is your castle, and it should feel like it. With the vast amount of time, effort, and money that a residence requires, it should be exactly what you want it to be. So, rather than buying a house that is the same model as ten others in your neighborhood, get a custom design.


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