Tied Up in Soho


Have you ever wondered how police investigators seem to have a sixth sense? in matters of honesty? They know when the suspect is dishonest, and the truth rarely waits for breakfast. (The cold porridge and the sugarless gnat tea – or so they tell me.) Our boys in blue use a series of progressive interrogation techniques that exploit human behavior when things get complicated. Some crooks (usually those who have already been interviewed) are able to suppress or control their body language, but when pressure is applied over extended periods, it becomes more and more difficult. As they bend and become deformed under the pressure of interrogation, the signs of the surface of deception.

That does not mean that the fuzz are cold to the crooks – far from it. The investigators see that the crooks hide information, so they huddle harder, sometimes it cracks. When it depends on the resilience of the rogue to the applied mental pressure – it's just a matter of time.

This month, our Bodyspy is Detective Sergeant McBiggles, who was appointed Chief of Staff for the failed bank robbery on Regent Street, Soho …

"L & # 39 did you take a policeman?

"Yeah Guv, we got it right."

"Any sign of the car get-a-way?"

"Nah, he disappeared into Beak Street with Fast Eddie in tow We just took it because Betty Jobbins saw him coming and tied a stocking around the lamppost in front of his living room door She was under the underwear – with lots of demonstrations – as he was flying through the air and lay flat on his face. "

" What about the dough? "

" Oh yeah, they had the dough, or $ 1.6 million, it would have been a bargain if Eddy had not dropped his bag and stopped to pick it up They became angry and ran off when Billy Busker beat him to the head with his violin stick. "" OK, I think I understood.

"Oh , we are cleaning up now, we'll be back at HQ in twenty minutes. "

" I also want the naughty and the violinist to question. "

" OK Guv, we have the fiddler here, but Bett went back to work. "

" Well, stop it and quickly! "

" Yes Guv. "The radio cracked and died.

Later, back to the nickname, "You have nothing to say." Voiced McBiggles hoarsely to Eddie Fast, "But that can hurt your defense if you do not mention when you are asked something you will do later in court." Eddie sat up in his chair, lifted his right leg and put a Dr. Marten on the interrogation room table where he was sitting in front of McBiggles and WPC Tire. To complete his carefree gesture, he placed his hands behind his head. McBiggles noted his non-verbal challenge and continued, "Everything you say can be given in evidence."

Having finished reading his warning in front of this bold git in front of him, McBiggles threw himself off and pushed his boot off the interview table. Eddie leaned forward as his leg fell to the ground and then fell back into his chair again, raising his hands behind his head. McBiggles chooses to let his gesture go up. The questions started, but Eddie did not feel too instructive.

The question continued as McBiggles felt tired of Eddie's defensive discussion and the constant display of the non-verbal challenge. McBiggles stepped back into his chair, placing his hands behind his head to reflect Eddie's position. That was obviously due to Eddie (it was expected) while he was putting a Dr. Marten back on the table again. McBiggles immediately broke his gesture, went ahead and pushed Eddie 's boot off the edge. Still Eddie Jerked forward and then slouched back in his chair, this time crossing his arms (defensive). Ahh, thought McBiggles, Mr Fuzz, & Fast & # 39; zero face food! The questioning has continued.

With each question, Eddie came back with a flawless defensive response, sometimes letting his head out to reinvent his words. WPC Tire was sitting at the table like a model, unable to find a word on the edge, her fleshy belly resting on the table. Eddie wanted to sing the lyrics of this popular song by Ian Dury and The Blockheads, Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick & # 39; (for those of you who are too young to remember: "hit me with your stick, two fat people click click, hit me, hit meeee …" sorry I got carried away there ), but I did not dare. The interesting thing was that Eddie's head was tilted slightly to the left during most of the interview. Being a Bodyspy McBiggles knew why. Eddie's leading position was of interest, that showed that he listened attentively to every word in order to maintain consistent answers without any sign of contradiction. It was hard to crack.

McBiggles had wanted to stab Eddie for the robbery of Toff's jewels on Cavendish Street; there was simply not enough evidence to do it. That's when he won the name & # 39; Fast & # 39; to overtake PC Longlegs. Indeed, you can ask which legs are the longest. The answer is Longlegs, but Eddie was even faster. As the pace of the interrogations accelerated and the pressure on Eddie increased, McBiggles wrote down what he thought was the beginning of a hand gesture, but Eddie cut it quickly in the egg. Ahh, weakening at the end, McBiggles thought as she felt her belly growl for Mrs. Sweet's sticky buns. After seeing this, his first thought was to continue, but damn it, he needed a good cup of coffee and a small roll. Beside, he had an idea that he wanted to put in action.

McBiggles and WPC Tire then headed for the police canteen, while Eddie was content to sip another cup of gnats into the rigid planks of his cell bed. WPC Tire – strangely – became confused when she was called to police radio to tie the service sergeant who had slipped out for a call from nature. She came back to the canteen just in time to assist McBiggles in recalling his last bun in his mouth (as he was never enough) while he was jumping on his feet; saliva stains danced on his lips. WPC Tire saw the plate of sticky buns on the counter of the canteen and ran his tongue around his chops. "Okay, let's see if we can free ourselves from Eddie's jaw and we're gendarmes?" said McBiggles, rubbing his hands to lose the rest of the sugar. Dog unconscious Bun-hog thoughtful WPC.

They entered the interview room. McBiggles mounted the heater on the wall thermostat. "No matter how complicit you feel, calm down and reframe yourself with very warm gestures."

The interview preceded once again, this time Fast Eddie was collapsed on his chair and took a defensive arm. Indeed, he had something to hide, but he had to wait for it, after all he was as guilty as Flufikins the cat in a potpourri calamity. The tension growing bigger over the next time and things started to look dark for Eddie McBiggles had taken a new tactic: he was pacing the interrogation room while asking questions (WPC Tire remained separate) by the time he finished each question he was just standing next to Eddie, staying within the confines of his inner sphere to invade his personal space until he responds … From time to time, Eddie made a collar gesture, a sign Classic deception, that's what he had seen earlier when Eddie had smothered him. in the bud.Turing the heating had done much h Eddie must resist the temptation to tie the clammy feeling around his neck that results from telling so many lies. (I told you these boys in blue were smart, is not it!)

Eddie was clearly under pressure as McBiggles resumed his place. The questions have continued to come; McBiggles hung at the end of each answer without ever giving Eddie time to relax. Then came: a sweet and sweet contradiction with one of Eddie's previous responses. Oops, the stake made me think, Eddie thought.

The result of Eddies & # 39; Slippage of the language was cooperation, after a little protest that is. His body language was very different once he started cooperating. He was going forward in his seat with his arms crossed on the edge of the table (on the defensive) as he answered every question. Thanks to McBiggles & # 39; Interrogation skills, the gang was apprehended, the money was recovered, and the garage responsible for the get-a-way car (a suped-up Skoda) was closed.


Source by Derek Pell

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