Tips For Maintaining Black Beauty in Women


According to an old saying, "the good black does not crack" – but it can sag, wrinkle or dry out a bit. There is no need to panic, however. Preserving and enhancing your natural splendor as an African-American woman can be simple, with these seven most crucial beauty tips …

The key to looking gorgeous all the time is a regular exercise, change your eating habits and drink plenty of water. While our favorite soul food dishes can be absolutely delicious, and perhaps irresistible … they can lead to silent killers like heart disease, diabetes and hypertension who are well known killers for cracking down in the black community. Maintaining your weight is the ultimate goal that you should aim for.

Use sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher to prevent skin cancer and wrinkles. Extra melanin in black skin provides extra protection against sun rays, but also uses sunscreen.

Moisturize your hair with moisturizing shampoos and conditioners – NOT the formula for "normal" hair. These formulas are often based on "regular" Caucasian hair, which tends to be fatter than black hair. Also pour moisture into your locks with a deep cholesterol conditioning every one to two weeks. The black hairstyles of today include many options that do not involve overloading your mane with too much fat, gels or scalp sprays, which can really cause breakage and damage. Drought. You should try these. Plus, if you wear hearing extensions, make sure to opt for some very good quality Remy hair or Indian hair as they will last a long time and will blend very well into your natural hair.

You should wear a satin nightcap or scarf at night to protect your black hairstyle or hair extensions. Try to avoid the braids that are too tight, the ponytails, or other hairstyles that pull your hair back … this can pull at the root and cause damage. You should always wear a wig hat under your wigs. In addition, it is important to try to reduce the amount of heat on your hair. Think natural like wet sets, wraps, braids or even twists.

Keep the skin soft by sliding on the lotion immediately after the shower. This hair in moisture, and cocoa butter lotion can also prevent, but not erase, stretch marks. Also, keep lips kissable every time you brush your teeth by brushing your lips too, removing dead skin, then applying petroleum jelly or lip balm. Avoid products containing mineral oil because this substance tends to trap moisture more than it keeps it.

Maintain an incredible smile by avoiding or minimizing your intake of coffee, tea, soda and other foods that stain the tooth. drinks If you find yourself in desperation and you can not do without it, try to limit your intake by taking a few sips of a straw.

Wear the minimum makeup possible. Opt for concealer rather than full-face foundations, and highlight your best asset – eyes, lips or cheeks, not all three – with makeup colors that match and complement your complexion. Mauves, purples and deep roses can be universally flattering, while bronzes, bright reds and golds prefer light tones.

But remember, true beauty encompasses beautiful black hairstyles, as well as a bright approaching personality sure of herself, and stable and helpful hands. So do not forget to take the time to help others and help you, through thought, physical exercise or a few hours of singing, poetry or dance, because everything that makes your happy heart will make you so beautiful.


Source by Gautama Swamy

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