Tips for Parents and Photographers for a Successful Photoshoot


Photographing children can take two forms.

A. The session is full of laughs, precious moments, relationships and fun


B. This is similar to suffering caused by a bad karaoke night in a bar: clumsy, painful and exhausting.

I prefer option A. Over the years, I have learned some tips that never fail to get positive results. Because I started learning photography in commercial studios, I collected a lot of information about what I did not like too, which can be just as beneficial. I'm talking about those shopping mall studios that install vague backgrounds, drag you up to an X laser in the center and act as if they were paid according to the number of teeth displayed on a photo. I exaggerate certainly, but at the same time … yes, I went there. There is not much room for maneuver (literally or figuratively) when you have little time and space, specific rules to follow, stationery and stressed parents waiting for a smiling baby with perfect posture (even if they woke him from his nap on the road and he has a dirty ladle.)

I'm not trying to say that this type of photography has no place because is certainly not always a torture chamber. All my life, my family did photos in this type of studio and it was a profitable way to show us together at different stages. But personality? Link? Creativity ?. You will not find that under studio constraints, not unnecessarily because of the photographer, but because of the context. The pleasure of personalized photography on site is the freedom to get more.

So, given the unpredictable nature of children, how do you make sure your on-site experience is different?

1. Give up control! As a parent, I know that it is difficult as a parent to give up control of your children, especially when you want them to have someone new. But honestly, the best thing to do is just step back and let the photographer do the shooting. He / she does not judge your parental role and does not expect your children to be perfect, so do not try to force them to sit, smile, stop running, say cheese for the lollipop … that only makes them want to do it. L & # 39; opposite! Always.

You can not take a child to the beach and tell him not to touch the sand. They are children. And if you want photos that really capture them, whatever their stage, you have to let them BE CHILDREN. The Candids are among the best shots and if you let your photographer play and connect with them for a little while and get used to this awesome big camera pointed at the face, in the middle of the shoot, the kids are many more willing to do trust and listen to it.

2. Do not stress with time. With on-site shooting, you pay a luxury, they are your photographers. time and he / she is in control of that! Time always goes faster than you think, so it's not necessary to try to force something. Children are bad at ease? They want to play hide and seek for a minute? Why not! Let them jump a little, run around, evacuate their foolishness without worrying that they are wasting precious time. But they will be upset if they feel upset and hide behind a tree for 20 minutes because they think everyone is mean and scary. If they are in a good mood, you will get good pictures, so have fun!

3. Bring something your child loves to hold, play, sit … something familiar! New places can sometimes really intimidate or overwhelm children with stimulation. If you like something that they really like, you can use it to get their attention, at least at some point. It's also these little fragments – his favorite cover, the toy truck he takes everywhere with him … these things are not just accessories, they are reminders of a stage of life! How beautiful it would be to have your son or daughter sit on a rocking chair from the nursery, in a large colorful field … ooooh, inspiration!

4. Talk about something that you do not like or if you are uncomfortable with something. Does she really hate lying on her stomach? Is he just getting hurt in the t-ball match so that he can not run? Sometimes, with newborns, parents love the pictures of naked babies, but others are not up front with your photographer, so he knows what to ask / not ask or suggest during filming.

In the end, it's all about communication and openness. Great images come from great experiences, so be open to your needs and desires and let the rest unfold! The best part of taking pictures while you are really having fun is that you are not being invited.


Source by Leah G O'Connell

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