Tips for the First Kiss


People keep making you aware of the different expectations as to when the first kiss should take place. Do not pay attention to that. What's most important is the little things that will help you know exactly when that moment has arrived. Think of the general atmosphere of the date (night or day), if there is a clear mutual attraction and if she really wants you to kiss her. The small aspects will be the greatest decision maker when the time comes.

The media turns the first kiss into something that it is not.

Watching intimate movies, with a lot of different media, the first kiss is often dramatized. The two people are obviously drawn to each other, it was a beautiful day, and they are lying on a beautiful, well – lit beach at sunset. While it would be great for a moment like that to sweat, usually when on a date, you have the minimal opportunity to kiss your date. Forget about waiting for the & # 39; perfect & # 39; See with & # 39; perfect & # 39; environment, be spontaneous and seize the opportunity.

The first kiss is to wait for the best but to be wary of the worst possible outcome. From time to time, revisit the events of the night and reflect; & # 39; If a moment came right away, would she want me to kiss her? If you think the answer is yes, stop meditating, otherwise you will end up discouraging yourself and waiting for an opportunity to introduce yourself.

If it is your first date and that one moment has never presented, do not do it. Stand for your next date. If this is your second and that does not happen, think about the day and what you could have done for the opportunity to arise. If this is your third appointment and there is no sign of wanting you to kiss your date, keep in mind that it is at a third appointment with you, which means that she is obviously interested. Take that for what it is, and embrace it when the least opportunity arises.

Women appreciate that a guy either spontaneous and openly accept the kiss (in most cases).

Some things you can not control, and when it comes to this point, all you can do is be confident and prepared. Men with girlfriends have a better understanding of women and can read their indicators much more easily, which makes it much easier for women to read and communicate globally.


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